Top Investment Option In India for 2019

We all need a safe future with a suitable financial cover. But the question remains how to build this cover? For a good investment, the first step is to identify the correct assets and ensure that they fall in line with personal goals. Building a robust strategy to produce good returns comes as the second step. Most investors are seeking for the top investment plans as they want sky-high returns as fast as possible and at the same time, the risk of losing the principal money they have invested is minimal. Investment products fall into two buckets — financial and non-financial assets. This report will help us identify the best investment option in India for 2019.


Effects of a Weaker Indian Rupee Against Dollar

On 5th October 2018, the Indian rupee hit its all-time low, hitting 70.40 against a dollar. The Indian currency has been battling with the increase in crude oil prices, posing a severe threat to the country’s finances. The rupee has fallen more than any other emerging-market currencies this year. A weakened value of the rupee will give some competitiveness to the exporters in India as dollar wise the products will become cheaper for the buyers. Thus, a weak currency can be advantageous to a certain set of players and detrimental to others. A weak rupee symbolises a weaker Indian economy, but the volatility of a currency isn't in anyone's interest. This report will help us to determine the effects of a weaker Indian Rupee.