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Invoice discounting is a way of raising working capital which companies use. Traditionally, bank and NBFC's have been doing invoice discounting for SMEs and MSMEs.
It involves transfer of an asset (the invoice) from the borrower (i.e. seller) to the financier (i.e. buyer) at a discounted rate on the future receivables.

Individual resident investors

Institutional investors

NRI investors (Provided you have an NRO account and comply with basic pre-defined KYC guidelines- Pan card and valid Indian address proof.)

For mitigating the risk in the investment several steps are taken, such as-
  • Post dated cheques from borrower
  • Detailed credit analysis of borrower financials
  • Verifying invoices and restricting only blue chip company issued invoices
However, it cannot be called a zero risk product. There is a chance of capital erosion.
KredX does not play a role in deciding the discount rates of the invoices. They are totally market driven on the basis of demand and supply. Historically, financiers have seen returns ranging from 15-24% annualized.
KredX provides a platform to connect borrowers and financiers and execute transactions between them. KredX provides certain tools, for example - credit report of the borrowers - to take a calculated investment decision. We do not guarantee your return.