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Earn higher yields while safeguarding your portfolio with KredX's Bonds services

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With KredX, you’ll get a dedicated Relationship Manager (RM) to resolve your doubts

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Choose from a diverse range of bonds to suit your investment needs

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You’ll earn a steady income without worrying about market fluctuations

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You’ll earn a yield and get invested amount on a fixed tenure

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Companies are bound to return the invested amount on time due to financial and legal obligations

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Get better return compared to other fixed-income investments like FDs, RDs and PPF

Low-Risk Investment.
High Returns

Companies issue a corporate bond to raise capital and fulfil their business needs. When you buy a bond, the company promises to return your invested amount on a fixed tenure. Until that date, the company pays periodical yield at fixed or adjustable rates. On the KredX platform, investors can select a bond from a vast range of options.

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Investing In
Bonds Made Easy

Earn higher yields while safeguarding your portfolio with KredX's Bonds services

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Bonds are high-security debt instruments that allow an entity to raise fund and fulfil its capital obligations—entities, including companies, governments, issue bonds. The corpus therefore raised is utilised for business operations and infrastructural development. Investors buying bonds at face value or principal are returned at the end of the tenure. Bond Issuers provides a portion of the principal amount as periodical interest at fixed or adjustable rates.

Individual investors investing in bonds have the legal and financial claims to an entity's debt fund. Hence borrowers are liable to pay the entire face value of bonds to these investors post the term expires. Consequently, bondholders receive debt recovery payments in case a company faces bankruptcy.

Bonds are categorised into several categories according to the model of return and validities of legal commitments. Here are the popular types of bonds in the public debt market –

Fixed-interest Bonds
Fixed-interest bonds refer to debt instruments that accrue consonant coupon rates across their tenure. These predetermined interest rates help investors with expected returns on investment irrespective of market alterations.

Floating-interest Bonds
These bonds acquire coupon rates that are subjected to market variations and flexible in terms of tenures. The yield on investment through interest income is thus variable as it is defined by market circumstances such as inflation, economic condition.

Inflation-linked Bonds
Inflation-linked bonds refer to special debt vehicles devised to curb the impact of economic inflation on the face value and interest return. The coupon rates extended on this type of bonds are lower as compared to fixed-interest bonds. It thus aims to overcome the adverse outcomes of inflation by modifying coupons pertaining to the usual rates in the debt market.

Perpetual Bonds
Also known as ‘consol bonds’ or ‘perp,’ this type of bonds are fixed-security options wherein issuers do not require to pay the principal amount to the purchaser. It does not have any maturity period, and customers benefit from steady interest payments.

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