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How KredX Helped A Pandemic-Hit Business Double Its Annual Revenue In A Year

When Clearlane Fashions made a strategic pivot from B2C to B2B to survive the pandemic, they encountered a cash flow challenge. KredX came to their rescue with their Invoice Discounting solution which gave them quick access to working capital, enabling the business to double their revenue in a year.

How A Struggling Small Business Returned To Life With KredX

Like many small businesses, Kadambaas Hospitality, faced a crisis in 2020. KredX came to the rescue with invoice discounting, and here is how we are now powering this business's ambitious growth plans.

How KredX Helped A Budding Event Management Company Ride The Surge

2022 presented a conundrum for Praveen CS, the Founder of Bumblebee Networks. An unexpected surge in demand saw him scrambling for working capital, that is when KredX stepped in.