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Grow your credibility and clients’ investment portfolio

What We Do

KredX exposes investors to unique alternative debt investment instruments — invoice discounting, corporate bonds, digital gold/silver, and portfolio management and advisory services.

Why Work
With KredX?

Diverse Offerings

Introduce clients to a world of alternative investments

Track Progress

Keep a check on the progress of every client from a single platform

Timely Payouts

You’ll get attractive brokerage on time

Relationship Manager (RM)

Increase your client retention rate with a dedicated RM

What Will Your

Portfolio Diversification

Diverse investment options to suit your clients’ financial needs

Transparent Process

Clients get continuous, accurate and meaningful reporting and easily accessible information

High-Yielding Returns

Your clients will get exposure to low-risk and high-return investments

How Does Our Financial Advisor Program Work?

Delight Your Clients

Our various alternative investment opportunities with high returns will
help your clients realise their financial goals in less time.

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