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KredX revenue-based financing helps SAAS and D2C business founders raise capital from investors without diluting the control in their venture. Capital is calculated based on a business's ongoing revenues. And investors get an agreed-upon percentage of the business's future revenues.

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Don't worry about equity dilution, collateral or a personal guarantee. Instead, get capital in exchange for pledging a revenue of your company's future revenues.

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KredX's revenue-based financing helps SAAS and D2C businesses raise capital by pledging a percentage of their future revenues. The unique financial solution is calculated on the basis of the business's current, monthly, or annual recurring revenue, thus providing an easy way to access the capital required to maintain or expand business operations and improve efficiency.

Recurring revenue is calculated by multiply the total number of paying users by the average revenue per user.

Recurring revenue refers to the percentage of a business's revenue that is supposed to continue in the future. Unlike one-off sales, recurring revenues are predictable as they occur at regular period.

A recurring revenue model refers to a particular model, where a business makes money by providing access to products or services for regular payments.

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