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With portfolio management and advisory service, you will invest in shares, debt, fixed income, and other investment options under the guidance of a SEBI-registered portfolio manager. You’ll get the freedom to choose a manager whose investment strategy and past track will align with your investment goals.

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Portfolio Management & Advisory is an opportunity in different instruments like shares/stocks, fixed income, debt, cash, etc. managed by professional portfolio managers/fund managers. A PMS portfolio is managed by a portfolio manager/fund manager that can be customised to meet specific investment goals.

KredX's Portfolio Management and Advisory Services is a tailor-made professional service offered to cater to patron's specific investment objectives by connecting them with Sebi-registered portfolio managers/fund managers. KredX platform acts as a marketplace wherein patrons can choose from leading portfolio managers/fund managers basis their profile, investment strategies, and past performances.

Under these services, the investment decisions' choice and timings rest solely with the Portfolio Manager.

Under these services, the portfolio manager only advises investment ideas; however, the choice and timings of the investment decision, rest solely with the investor. However, the execution of trade is fulfilled by the portfolio manager.

Under these services, the portfolio manager only advises investment ideas; however, the choice and the execution of the investment decision remains with the investor.

The investment solutions offered by KredX's Portfolio Management & Advisory Services cater to a niche segment of investors, who can be either Individuals and Non-Individuals such as HUFs, Partnerships Firms, Sole Proprietorship Firms, Institutional Entities, or Family Offices.

Yes. Like all other investments, investing in Portfolio Management & Advisory services entail a certain amount of risk, including the possible depletion of the principal amount invested, which is subjected to change basis the security selected. For instance, investments in small and mid-sized companies tend to involve more risk than investments in blue-chip companies.

The tax liability of an investor availing the PMS/Advisory services is the same as of the capital market directly. However, it is advisable for investors to consult a tax advisor for the same. The portfolio manager/fund manager provides an audited statement of accounts at the end of the financial year to help the investor in assessing his/ her tax liabilities.

Here are some of the benefits of Portfolio Management & Advisory Services:

Professional Management: The service allows investors to choose from SEBI-registered portfolio managers/fund managers and advisors with the objective of delivering consistent long-term performance.

Continuous Monitoring: Constant monitoring of portfolio and periodic changes to optimise performance.

Risk Control: Research team to establish the investor's investment strategy, and providing the PMS/Advisory provider real-time information to support it.

Transparency: Comprehensive communications and performance report allows investors to get regular statements and updates

Customised Advice: Tailor-made investment advice to achieve investor's financial objectives.

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