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KredX Amazon Smbhav

Amazon Smbhav
Janaury 2020
KredX Amazon Smbhav
Booth #29, JLN Stadium, New Delhi

At Amazon SMBhav, the KredX booth will help businesses to understand, educate and realise the growth potential of their unpaid invoices to increase their prospects in the e-Commerce space. Get insights on invoice discounting, a unique opportunity and platform for businesses to manage their supply chain while raising funds and stay ahead in the race.

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Alternative Financing & Working Capital Conference 2019

September 2019
Alternative Financing & Working Capital Conference 2019
VIA Hall, Ahmedabad

KredX’s interactive session will assist businesses to enable growth by unlocking the potential of their unpaid invoices. The session will provide a unique opportunity for companies to learn how to raise quick working capital for their business with the help of alternative financing and invoice discounting, thus enabling growth and expansion

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KredX Annual Business Partner Summit 2019

September 2019
KredX Annual Business Partner Summit 2019
Holiday Inn, Mumbai

The KredX Annual Business Partner Summit welcomes business partners, companies, DSAs, and agencies looking to help their client gain visibility and create sustainable revenue generation stream, thereby increasing their own business. The summit provides a unique opportunity for businesses to discuss industry best practices, share ideas, sales strategies, and drive discussion on the trending industry topics.

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Business Testimonials


Invoice discounting helps fill the gap in working capital cycles. Through KredX, we have achieved customer satisfaction due to on-time delivery

Suresh Saravanan


KredX has helped us unlock the potential of our business receivables shortening our cash-to-cash cycle, thereby giving us business owners flexibility to work more efficiently.

Sumit Sharma


KredX helped me smoothen out my business’s regular operations. With KredX’s bill discounting platform, we now get funds immediately thus reducing the working capital interest as opposed to bank loan.

Shankar GM


Investor Testimonials


Where else will I get 20% annualized return in 45 days?

Hrishiraj Ramachandran


I have invested in KredX because it's hassle-free, transparent and highly rewarding.

Preeti Vajpai


Given the current market condition, its a great addition to my portfolio.

Prasanna Kabra


I found KredX to have the maximum returns, minimum risk and the lowest maturity period in the market today.

Bala Parthasarathy