Get quick access to working capital via Invoice Discounting
The KredX advantage
What KredX strives to offer
KredX Quick access to capital
Quick access to capital
Raise capital within
24-72 hours *
KredX No Collateral
No Collateral
Save your assets, use invoice as pseudo collateral
KredX Hassle Free Investment
Paperless & transparent digital experience
The KredX Platform
How KredX stands out
KredX Zero Reconcilliation Time
Zero reconciliation time
Save time in operational hassles
KredX Real time status updates
Real time status updates
Businesses upload invoices and can track their statuses in real-time
KredX Instant listing & quick disbursal
Instant listing & quick disbursal
Upload invoices for instant listing & quick disbursal
How to get financed?
Get quick access to capital
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