The KredX advantage
What we offer
KredX Above market returns
Above-market Returns
In the range of
12-20% ARR*
KredX Reduced risks
Reduced Risk
Pre-vetted invoices raised against blue chip
companies **
KredX Short term
Short Term
30-90 days investment cycles
What investors have to say about KredX
Kredx Investors
"Given the current market condition, its a great addition to my portfolio."
Prasanna Kabra
Head of Reporting & Analysis at Credit Suisse
Kredx Investors
"Where else will I get 20% annualized return in 45 days?"
Hrishiraj Ramachandran
Founder & CEO at Keystride
Kredx Investors
"I have invested in KredX because it's hassle-free, transparent and highly rewarding."
Preeti Vajpai
Sector Compliance Leader, IBM
Kredx Investors
"I found Kredx to have the maximum returns, minimum risk and the lowest maturity period in the market today."
Bala Parthasarathy
Senior Entrepreneur and Angel investor
How KredX Works?
India's first invoice discounting marketplace
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Day 1
Business raises an invoice on
blue chip company for Rs. 5,00,000
payable in 45 days.
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Day 3
Business lists the invoice on KredX.
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Day 5
Investor buys the invoice for Rs. 4,91,000 @ discount of 14% annually.
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Day 51
Investor receives Rs. 5,00,000 from the Blue-chip company at the end of the tenure (30-90 days).
Kredx Investor
How to invest?
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Transfer funds to your KredX account from your personal bank account.
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