1. The daily offer is valid until 11:59 PM on the particular business day you receive the offer information via email from partnerships@kredx.com, SMS, or directly from your RM via WhatsApp wherein you can submit qualified businesses that meet the criteria and earn incentives. Only qualified cases that are submitted on or before the aforementioned time period will be eligible for this offer.

2. Only clients that fulfil the following eligibility criteria and meet the necessary requirements will be considered as a qualified/approved business for the offer:

  • Business should be at least 10 months old
  • Business should cater to at least 2 large-scale corporates
  • Credit score of 600 and above with no recent delinquencies
  • Business should have a minimum turnover of 25 lakhs
  • All pre-sanction documents to be provided within T+5 days to be eligible for the offer:
    1. Bank Statements for the last 12 months to be downloaded from Net Banking portal which should be in PDF format
    2. Latest audited financial statement along with audit report(last 3 years) along with Provisional of current year
    3. Sales Ledger (in excel format)of enterprise/customer for the last 12 months which is to be considered for discounting on the Platform
    4. Facility declaration
    5. Sanction letter for all OD/CC/Term loans
    6. GST returns for the last 12 months

3. Please note that we currently do not serve infrastructure companies, government bodies, import-export, and International Businesses and as such, will be exempt from the offer

4. KredX reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any point without prior notice