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Pay Later for Commercial Payments

Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is becoming an increasingly popular payment method. As a result, BNPL transactions are expected to account for 3% of total e-commerce expenditure by 2023. While most of the growth has occurred in the consumer sector, B2B platforms are now taking on the B2B segment to recreate the success.

This sector is in dire need of a digital payments solution, and thus, BNPL for B2B e-commerce is a much-awaited solution. KredX is a company offering instant Buy Now Pay Later for commercial payments to small businesses, improving their transaction processes.

Buy Now Pay Later allows consumers to purchase products or avail services without upfront payment and pay later at a fixed date. A similar method works for merchant BNPL. This credit option can benefit merchants in terms of sales, performance and creating brand awareness. Read on to learn about merchant BNPL.

What Is Buy Now Pay Later For Commercial Payments?

Commercial or merchant BNPL is a short-term lending facility offered to business buyers when they buy a product or service from their suppliers without paying anything upfront. The lender partnered with the supplier/seller pays him/her in advance while the buyer repays the loan in instalments over a short period ranging from 15 to 60 days.

Buy Now Pay Later for commercial payments are often interest-free for buyers for a certain period and do not carry any additional fees. The seller, being a brand, marketplace, distributor or aggregator platform, usually bears the costs. The buyer will need to repay this amount to the lender over a certain period in a predefined number of instalments.

BNPL allows sellers to get real-time credit upfront which would otherwise be locked in payment. Meanwhile, small businesses can get the needed goods and services without paying for them in advance. Using BNPL, they can spread their payments over a length of time or delay payment without affecting the seller.

How Does BNPL For Commercial Payments Work?

Each BNPL agreement can be a bit different, but in function, they work almost the same. A business can choose this option at the checkout page when making a purchase from another firm offering this facility.

If interested, one can fill out the application for BNPL by entering the required details and choosing a payment method. The lender will perform a soft credit check, which doesn't impact one’s credit score. Upon approval, a business owner can buy products/services using this facility.

When using Buy Now Pay Later for commercial payments, one may need to p ay a small amount upfront and agree to the terms. The lender will pay the full purchase amount to the seller in advance. After the order is shipped, the buyer has to start repaying the remaining amount in instalments per agreed-upon terms.

Why Would Businesses Offer BNPL To Its Business Partners?

The following are some of the reasons why many business sellers are offering Buy Now Pay Later for commercial payments

  • Seller Gets Paid Upfront:
  • Often, sellers and suppliers have to offer their products on credit in B2B transactions. This results in a cash flow problem for them as non-payments sap the in-flow of money. BNPL providers solve this problem by financing the transaction themselves so sellers can get paid upfront.

  • Protection Against Risks:
  • Informal lending offered by many sellers carries considerable risks in the case of defaults or missed payments. BNPL providers can solve this problem as they absorb these risks on behalf of sellers. Thus, sellers are assured of guaranteed invoice payments and do not have to worry about collections.

  • Increase Revenue:
  • Another benefit of offering Buy Now Pay Later for commercial payments is the increase in the number of sales one can get. It allows clients to afford a wider range of products/services, resulting in increased conversions. Moreover, the rate of shopping cart abandonment decreases even in the case of high-value items.

  • Increases Customer Loyalty:
  • By offering the facility to firms to split their payments, one can improve his/her purchasing experience. The user experience is improved as well, with transactions taking place in just a few minutes. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to the same business, resulting in more sales.

If your business does not offer BNPL services, it could be missing out on considerable profits. KredX offers Buy Now Pay Later services with a quick and easy application process for a seamless purchasing experience for your clients.

Benefits Of Buy Now Pay Later For Business Customers

The following are some of the benefits of BNPL for business buyers:

  • Solves Cash Flow Problems:
  • Many businesses, especially MSMEs, suffer from cash flow problems. However, they are excluded from the formal lending ecosystem due to their lack of collateral or credit information. Buy Now Pay Later for commercial payments allow them to maintain cash flow through credit.

  • Flexible Liquidity:
  • Businesses can easily repay the owed amount over a flexible tenure. With instant access to products and services needed without requiring capital, they benefit from flexible liquidity to grow their businesses. If the provider offers zero or low-interest financing, it is also a better alternative than a credit card.

  • Safety And Security:
  • With BNPL, customers can make secure payments without the need to go to an external platform or swipe their cards and PIN. Most providers offer secured transaction channels which keep one's information and money safe.

  • Improved User Experience:
  • Buy Now Pay Later for commercial transactions offer a seamless sales process at checkout. B2B customers can get instant access to credit in just a few clicks, which allow them to buy essential products/services when needed.

With a growing B2B market in India, many businesses are offering Buy Now Pay Later for commercial payments. The hope is to increase sales considerably. BNPL offers to accelerate supply chain efficiencies as it gives businesses instant access to credit.

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BNPL allows sellers to get money upfront and let retailers get necessary goods and services without having to pay in advance. As a result, sellers can reach as many merchants as possible, improving their sales, while buyers can make instant purchases on credit.

Embedded financing is the integration of banking services into a non-financial platform. Merchants can use APIs and SDKs to integrate credit offerings like BNPL as a payment mechanism for their customers.

Yes, you can build a positive credit profile using BNPL as long as you keep making timely repayments. However, failing to make payments can negatively affect your credit score.

These are some of the important factors to check before opting for a BNPL service-

  • It offers funding quickly for your business’s needs.
  • If you can get a flexible repayment option that makes it easy to repay.
  • The BNPL provider allows you to access data insights to optimise your marketing and products.
  • The BNPL provider should be an established fintech and have experience providing this service.