KredX Pay Later

A Closed-loop Channel Financing Solution

With Instant Credit For MSMEs & Businesses That Buy From You

Provide Instant Credit To Your Business Buyers

KredX Pay Later, a closed-loop Channel Financing solution, empowers businesses to find the driving force they need for unparalleled growth!

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What Is
Channel Financing by KredX?

Channel Finance is an innovative working capital solution to finance channel partners like distributors, dealers or buyers for the purchase of goods or services from a corporation. KredX Pay Later, which is a closed-loop channel financing solution, offers a reliable platform for businesses to seek instant working capital that ensures smooth and hassle-free business operations.

Benefits For
Brands & Enterprises

Increase Your Average
Per Customer

With a flexible credit period, your buyer buys more as there is an increase in buyer loyalty which leads to an increase in sales of up to 40% with the KredX Pay Later, a closed-loop channel financing solution.

Provide Seamless
Purchase Experience

Attract more buyers with a seamless purchase experience, allowing the buyer to make a purchase without entering credit/debit card details, which is possible with KredX Pay Later product.

Increase Your
Cart Conversion Rate

Let your buyers experience the Channel Financing solution through KredX Pay Later as it helps them complete a purchase most of the time, leading to an increase of up to 30% in your cart conversion rate.

Develop Hassle-free

In less than 24 hours, get quick API Integration that provides higher efficiency and zero dropout rates at the point of sale.

Save More With The
Merchant Discount Rate

You get to save up to 2% of the Merchant Discount Rate or choose to bear it to attract more customers with the Channel Financing Solution by KredX.

Cruise With The
Simple Digital Process

Simplified digital process overpowers long documentations and provides a platform for quick on-boarding, transaction and repayment processes.

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Benefits For
Business Buyers

Tackle Working

Through the Channel Financing Solution, you can continue business operations smoothly as you don’t have to pay at the point of sale, and make a repayment later.

Your Credit Score

If you are new-to-credit or have a low credit score, with the closed-loop Channel Financing solution, you get an opportunity to improve your creditworthiness by repaying small-ticket loans regularly.


Without waiting or wasting any time on applying for a credit card and entering details, you can make instant purchases with the closed-loop Channel Financing solution by KredX.

Avail Hassle-free,
Revolving Credit

You can avail instant revolving credit by choosing KredX Pay Later, a closed-loop channel financing solution, at the point of purchase to allow yourself to make a repayment later for quick working capital.

Start Purchasing
Than In 2 Minutes

With the closed-loop Channel Financing Solution, you get on-boarded in no time through a quick KYC process on the KredX platform, allowing you to make a purchase in 2 minutes through KredX Pay Later.

Enjoy Seamless
Digital Process

You get to cruise through the KredX platform as it provides end-to-end smoothness in operations helping you in achieving seamless growth through cutting-edge technology.

We Serve

Brands & Enterprises That Sell To Other MSMEs & Businesses

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MSMEs/Businesses Operational For More Than 6 Months

Proprietorship/Partnership/Private Ltd. Businesses

Buyers With CIBIL Score More Than 650 And New-to-credit Players

Buyers Who Can Avail
The Buy Now Pay Later - B2B Payments Solution

should be operational
for at least 6 months

BNPL covers buyers from
Partnership/Private Ltd

Buyers with CIBIL Score
above 650 & New-to-
Credit can avail BNPL

Get Started In
4 Simple Steps

For Brands Selling Products

For Brands Selling
Products Online

  • 1 Fill out the form and sign up an agreement to get started
  • 2Share your data for quick API integration with the platform
  • 3Post the integration BNPL appears as a payment mode at Checkout
  • 4Receive outstanding payment in under 2 minutes


Anchors can increase their average sales by up to 40% per customer, double their overall sales with a flexible credit period for buyers, save merchant discount rate, improve cart conversion by 30% and have quick API integration. KredX is India’s one of the firsts to provide instant credit in the B2B marketplace with exceptional TAT.

You can follow the following steps to get onboarded:

1) Fill out the form and sign up an agreement to get started

2) Our Relation Manager will reach out to you

3) You can opt for a customised solution as per your requirement

4) Post the integration BNPL appears as a payment mode at Checkout

5) Receive outstanding payment in under 2 minutes

The Buy Now Pay Later solution is a closed-loop digital Supply Chain Financing solution leveraging cutting edge technology to offer working capital finance to Dealers / Distributors / Stockists / Retailers of any brands or products. It helps brands & enterprises get instant payment against products sold, while their business buyers get immediate financing, based on their credit profile, to purchase products on credit with a flexible repayment window.

The BNPL program limit is broadly two types. One, the buyer limit where it is based on per buyer sanction limit, and two, the maximum limit provided, which can be distributed across multiple buyers.

Vintage with an anchor is defined based on how long the relationship is with each other. Where mostly the minimum acceptable vintage depends on case-to-case basis, we can consider customers being attached from 3 month, 6 months, or even new to the platform as well.

Buyers with CIBIL Score above 650 & New-to-Credit can avail BNPL on the KredX platform.

New-to-credit user is referred to someone who has not opted for any kind of loans in the past. The credit facility for a new-to-credit user depends on case-to-case.

A sanction limit is mostly decided based on the amount of sales/purchases the buyer has done with the anchor minus the current repayment liabilities that exist. Besides, there are multiple factors that can decide the amount of risk.

The buyer shows the transaction as loan payable to the banks or NBFCs.

Besides credit cards, Buyers have the flexibility to repay the amount loaned via UPI, Virtual Account, and Payment Links which all are unique to each buyer.

We do not charge any prepayment fees and help buyers repay the utilised amount only for the utilised day.

  • Repayment option 1 (before the due date) - In case the dealer/distributor pays before the due date. For example, the interest for 30 days on INR 10,000 is 1,000; the dealer/distributor pays 11,000 on the 15th day, i.e. 15 days before the actual due date. The additional 500 interest would be adjusted in the repayments, and the user can pay 500 less.
  • Repayment option 2 (on due date) - In case the dealer/distributor pays on the due date- In this scenario, the dealer/distributor gets no additional benefit as the interest was calculated as per the duration only and they get the revolving credit limit opened for their next transactions.
  • Repayment Option 3 (Post due date) - In this scenario, the dealer/distributor will be charged interest plus a penalty on the transaction amount. Post due date mandate will be executed for auto pull.

Delayed interest/penal interest is referred to as the additional interest when there is a delay or no repayment on the due date. At KredX, we charge a penal interest of 2% on the no of days delayed which is post the due date on the existing interest rate on a pro rata basis. This process continues until KredX recovers the amount back. Example.

Unlike other fintech institutions, at KredX there are no charges involved for anchors and buyers besides interest rates. Incase of online integration, there is a minor one-time integration charge taken from the anchors or buyers, depending on the type of agreement.

KredX maintains a robust communication stream between all its clientele. We send timely reminders in the following durations:

  • First reminder on Due date minus 10 days
  • Second reminder on due date minus 5 days
  • Third reminder on due date minus 3 days
  • Fourth reminder on the due date itself

In case the Dealer/Distributor still fails to make the payment, we will send a reminder on the due date plus one day regarding mandated auto pull. In case of Mandate, auto pull fails, we will inform you as well before taking any further action. In such cases, Anchors must ensure that they are executing the stop-supply to the defaulted buyer until it gets a NOC from KredX. If the Anchor fails to do that then the repayment liability will be the seller’s responsibility.

At KredX, the maximum credit limit possible is decided on a case-to-case basis.

Being a customisable offering, we can provide credit facilities, depending on the working capital cycle that can go as high as 120 days, depending on the requirement and preferences.

Incase of FLDG, the recourse will be the percentage of the FLDG provided to KredX by the seller. In case of Non-FLDG cases, there is no recourse on the brand if they execute the stop-supply as soon as there is a default.

Initially, we provide a few days of deferral before considering a buyer a defaulter after verifying the genuinity of the case. In case the payment gets delayed post the deferral period or if the e-mandate fails, then we declare the buyer as a default.

In case for Online: The Anchor sends KredX the order details during checkout
In case of Offline: Either the buyer can initiate the transaction, or the anchor can upload the invoices on the KredX platform, post which the buyer can give an approval.

Incase of a scenario where the Anchor restarts the services without any clearance from KredX, the legal recourse will be on the supplier and they will be liable to repay the total outstanding along with the respective interests to KredX or its lending partners.

The KredX team will be sending an MIS on a regular basis.

Yes, the buyer can use the BNPL facility for part of the invoice amount. The buyer can avail this facility online, only if the amount is less than threshold.

The buyers will receive a dedicated web link which can be used by them to get onboarded on the KredX BNPL portal.

The KredX BNPL facility can be availed at the time of checkout during making a purchase.

The buyers will receive a dedicated web link which can be used for any offline transaction.

Underwriting process - based on a data set for each potential borrower (format attached in excel), Credit Bureau information will be retrieved to check initial eligibility. Once a set of buyers are approved based on CIBIL.

We need the following additional documents if the dealer/distributor needs a higher limit than the assigned limit(based on the CIBIL).

(a) KYC - (PAN & Aadhaar copy - All prop, Firm partner, directors)

(b) Firm / Company - PAN, COI and GST

(c) Bank statement- 1 year directly downloaded from internet banking

(d) GST 1 year

Not really. Being a customisable offering, the costing and interests depend on the type of arrangement the parties agree to. If they choose to subvert the percentage of interest then they can.


Yes, you can integrate KredX BNPL with your E-commerce portal.

Yes, it can be used as an embedded financing option.

Yes, a user can on-board and get instant sanctions at the time of checkout.

Depending on the ticket size, document submission by the user and several other factors, the duration can be as low as 2 minutes, and as high as 24 hours.

Depending on the ticket size, document submission by the user and several other factors, the duration can be as low as 2 minutes, and as high as 24 hours.

The buyer is onboarded on the KredX platform through a web link that redirects the buyer to the platform where the buyer can fill in the required details.

The sanction limits are allocated based on multiple factors including the ticket size, risk, etc.

A minimum of 650 CIBIL score is required as an eligibility criteria. It can also depend on a case-by-case basis.

Step 1. Order added to cart

Step 2. Select the pay later option at the checkout.

Step 3. Buyer is redirected to the KredX platform to confirm the invoice

Step 4. Upon successful confirmation, the user is redirected back to the seller portal.

Step 5. Funds will be transferred from buyer’s pay later account, to seller’s current account.

The repayment can be done through UPI, payment link, which is similar to payment gateways, virtual bank account number, etc.

The buyer is intimated by the team before the due date.

An Aadhaar based mandate is a mandatory where the Aadhaar identity proof is sufficient since the authentication will be aadhaar-based. It takes upto 4 days to get an approval in case of an Aadhaar based mandate.

As soon as the invoice is uploaded, buyers will get a WhatsApp message, an SMS and an email update to which they need to respond by clicking on the Yes/No status.

KredX will provide the dedicated dashboard to each buyer where they can see the transaction history, available limits, utilised dates, etc.

You can transact multiple times in a day with no limits. As long as you are utilising the sanctioned limit available for you.

You can repay multiple times within the decided credit period.

Reassigning of the limits takes place immediately after the repayment amount hits the bank account.

Only 1 day(s) interest will be charged in case you repay the outstanding amount within the same day.

Based on the sales volume, KredX can by default increase or decrease the limits. In case you want a higher limit, we can accommodate the same depending on case-to-case basis. For the same you can also reach out to your dedicated RM.

A delay in payment is always reported to CIBIl or any other credit bureau.


In such cases, the Anchor will bear the interest for the duration and for Online we have an API.

Yes. We, at KredX, provide our clients with a dedicated dashboard to track everything in real-time.

There is no other document required. Based on your Credit Bureau history, it will be assessed.

1) Visit the NetBanking registration page.

2) Enter your customer ID and confirm your mobile number to get an OTP.

3) Enter the OTP and enter your debit card details.

4) Set your PIN and log in NetBanking using the customer ID and new PIN.

In order to download bank statement(s):

1) Visit your bank's website.

2) Log in to Online Banking/Digital Banking/Internet Banking/eBanking etc.

3) Click 'statements', 'e-documents', or 'download'

4) Make sure you've selected the correct account.

5) Choose a statement (or a date range) and Download

6) Repeat the steps to download multiple statements.

With the login access provided, you can login to your KredX pay later account and with the same details login to your netbanking account. Watch the video for more details.

Visit GST Portal. Log in to the account on GST Portal. Navigate to Services and select the Financial Year. You can view the Acknowledgment Number and Date of Filing of the GST Return. The Review page of GST Return would be displayed.

Access and go to the GST Home page. Login to the GST Portal with valid credentials. Click on Services > User Services > View/Download Certificates command.

Visit the official website of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Click on the 'My aadhaar' tab. Click on the 'download aadhaar' option under the 'Get aadhaar' tab.

KredX Pay Later supports all nationalised banks.

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