Why We Are Awesome?

The KredX hustlers are ardent believers of the fact "work hard and party harder!" We understand that work can get monotonous, and hence, try to fuse a dash of happiness to break the boredom with something cool and unique. Be it a fun day at work with your furry friend, honouring the power of women workforce, or even celebrating the spirit of love on Valentine's day - we are a bunch of hyper monkeys who love to celebrate every event!


Culture We Love

We believe that our employees are the vanguard of the innate entrepreneurial culture of KredX. Our culture translates to the feeling of being inspired to create an impact and empower to bring holistic transformations in one’s professional life.


Our Work-Life Balance

We believe in cultivating a “work-life balance” culture. We understand that our employees need time for family, friends, and most importantly, themselves to be at their best and function at the optimum level.


Compensation And Perks

We offer remunerative compensation and perks; however, we also recognise talented and dedicated individuals who stand out among their peers and surpasses expectation.


We Are Hustlers

We are a bunch of hustlers who believe in devising meaningful products which help create a sustainable environment for businesses and thus approach everything with utmost perseverance and passion.


Employee Benefits

We believe that our employees are the key driver of our success and hence make solid efforts to ensure they enjoy a happy, healthy, and balanced life.


Vacation Days

28 vacation days in a year


Parental Leave

Maternity & Paternity leave policy


Health Insurance

Gender-neutral policies for our employees & family members



We love celebrating all things happy!

Career Development

Career Development

Leadership and career development trainings


Team Outings

Cause we all need a break!

Devang Mundhra

Employee Development

KredX fosters an employee-centric policy where we focus on supporting our employees with their career management and development. That’s the reason we infuse passion and purpose in our workforce by cultivating a fluid and open role culture within the company.

Talent Nurturing

The KredX value proposition lies in the essence of talent nurturing. We cultivate a listen, teach, and coach approach to identify and nurture talents and emphasise on personal development training for the betterment of our employees.

Devang Mundhra
Devang Mundhra

Commitment To Society

KredX strives to the ideology of “giving back to the planet,” and thereby facilitates a paperless, digital process that guarantees complete transparency, thereby fostering a sustainable business model.

Did You Know?

KredX-ians take immense pride in the fact that 35% of our workforce are women, and are an instrumental factor in the company’s growth.

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