Sandeepa Hande

Director of Engineering

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How's life at KredX?

Life has been exciting at KredX. It is always satisfying to experience how technology enables us to solve some of the pain points MSME's are facing today.

What are your top favourite things about working at KredX?

One of the most exhilarating factors about working at KredX is that we get to solve some of the real-world challenges businesses are facing today with the power of technology.

Can you give us an overview of how the tech team functions?

Engineers have all possible means to early access to design, cutting-edge technology, upskilling and cross-learning. We regularly sit together to understand the problem definitions and brainstorm the right approach to solve them by enabling technology in the right manner. At KredX, engineers are empowered to make decisions to maintain code quality, design standards and scale at utmost priority.

How should a 'Go Getter' prepare for an interview?

One is expected to demonstrate depth and breadth in knowledge towards Problem Solving, System Design, and Achievements highlighted in the resume.

What are the key factors that you look for in a candidate while hiring?

We look for engineers who can work in a team while constantly striving to improve the standards. Engineers willing to continuously learn and contribute are most welcome. Cultural fit towards the values and beliefs built in our workspace environment is equally given importance as well.

What are your hobbies?

I love reading fiction and follow soccer games.

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About Sandeepa

Sandeepa is the Director of Engineering at KredX. He has expertise over 15 years in Product and Data Engineering, Systems Integration and Analytics, with architecting, building and scaling Cloud-based Consumer and Enterprise products. He has experience working with and leading geographically distributed teams, with knowledge in multiple domains like Healthcare and Finance.

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