Prasanna Madhyasta

Head of Enterprise Sales

Get insights on how to apply at KredX and stand out in the interview.

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How's life at KredX?

If I need to describe it in ‘One word,’ then it’s like running a TRIATHLON - a journey which requires one to be mentally and physically prepared and aligned.

It demands a lot of preparedness. You need to keep working and re-working on strategies, execution skills, and celebrate the journey as you progress. The feeling of being satisfied as you keep reaching milestones is gratifying enough to keep yourself pushing to achieve more.

What are your top favourite things about working at KredX?

At KredX, we follow a lean structure within the team -approachable for change and suggestion. We have an “open-door” policy leading to a smooth interaction across departments. Our diversified and experienced team of sales honchos are full of energy, aligned to the common goal of the organisation – GROWTH. We celebrate the journey of achieving milestones a continuous affair.

Can you give us an overview of how the sales team functions?

The sales team’s functionality is aligned with the company’s objective, which is GROWTH across customers, business volume and revenue to the organisation. We work in a strategic sector-specific approach when it comes to our go-to-market strategy.

What are your hobbies?

I am an avid reader and a movie buff. My hobbies include participating in marathons, playing table tennis, singing and yoga.

How should a ‘Go Getter’ prepare for an interview?

One should have a proven track record, thoughts and interest and enjoyed working so far. He/she should be able to differentiate between SUCCESS and FAILURE and express the same in their past roles. Having a good understanding on the current Indian fintech landscape, KredX business model, knowledge on supply chain financing and working capital will help earn brownie points.

What are the key factors that you look for in a candidate while hiring?

It’s a P-R-E-P-A-R-E Methodology.

  • Problem Solver: Strong ownership qualities to solve the problems of stakeholders
  • Reasonable Substance: Proven track record in B2B enterprise sales for 2 to 10 years – exposure to financial products in B2B sectors is an added advantage
  • Energy Levels: Individual go getter with high energy level
  • Perseverance & Patience (P&P): Goes hand in hand. An essential requirement in B2B Enterprise Sales
  • Ambitious: Clarity as to what one wants to achieve in professional world along with past track record
  • Relationship Skills: Believes in relationships and builds over it
  • Entrepreneurship: In today’s world everyone is an Entrepreneur in him/herself
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About Prasanna

With two decades of experience in sales and corporate client handling, Prasanna Madhyasta currently heads the Enterprise Sales department at KredX. Armed with deep insights in commercial and corporate banking, cash management and supply chain financing, Prasanna is an integral part of the KredX team.

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