GST Registration Certificate

According to the rules put forward by the Government of India, businesses with a turnover exceeding that of Rs. 20 lakhs must register with GST. Additionally, there are a few unique businesses, which need to be registered under the GST regime as well.

You must note that businesses will not receive any physical copy of GST registration certificate.. Since it serves as a vital document, individuals must find out its usage and other concerned aspects.

GST Registration Certificate – Its Significance And Validity :

This certificate is the Form GST REG-06, issued to all businesses and individuals who are registered under GST. Usually, the GST certificate serves as proof that an entity is registered under the GST regime. It also contains details of tax transactions. 

Under normal circumstances, the certificate held by regular taxpayers does not expire. It means that the certificate remains valid until the government or the taxpayer decides to cancel his/her registration. However, the date of validity is applicable in case of registration of an NRI or taxable person.

Components Of GST Registration Certificate : 

In a broader sense, a GST registration certificate is divided into three distinct parts, namely –

  • Registration certificate
  • Annexure A
  • Annexure B

These are the primary components of this Certificate –

  • Legal name
  • Trade name
  • Registration number
  • Period of validity
  • Constitution of the business
  • Principal place of business’s address
  • Liability date
  • Registration
  • Date of Certificate issuance
  • Particulars of the Approving Authority

The main components of annexure A include –

  • Legal name
  • Trade name (if any)
  • Address of additional places of business

These make up the significant components of annexure B –

  • Legal name and Trade name
  • Name
  • Designation/ status
  • Details of proprietors, partners, the board of trustees, etc.
  • Residential state
  • Photo

A glance at these sections will provide you with ample information about the GST registration certificate. Besides, you can also download it, without any hassle.

Steps To Download GST Registration Certificate :

By following these steps, you can download this certificate easily –

Step 1 – Visit the GST portal.

Step 2 – Click on the ‘Login’ button.

Step 3 – Provide accurate credentials like – username and password.

Step 4 – Enter CAPTCHA and click on the ‘login’ button.

Step 5 – Navigate to ‘Services’ and click on ‘User Service’.

Step 6 – Click on ‘View’ and then the ‘Download Certificate’ option.

Step 7 – Navigate to ‘Form No. GST REG-06’.

Step 8 – Click on the download arrow.

Once these steps are completed, the GST registration certificate will be downloaded instantly. 

Steps To Amend GST Registration Certificate :

Sometimes the details mentioned in the Certificate may be inaccurate. In such a situation, individuals must get them corrected at the earliest. 

Typically, by following these steps, you can quickly amend your certificate –

Step 1 – Visit the GST portal.

Step 2 – Navigate to Services.

Step 3 – Click on ‘Registration’ and select ‘Amendment of Registration Core Fields’.

Step 4 – Enter the required changes in Form GST REG-14 and supporting documents.

Usually, the approval for the changes made is received after verification and within 15 days. Normally, approval is conveyed in Form GST REG-15. 

Alternatively, the officer can issue a notice through Form GST REG-03 and seek clarification. In such a case, individuals must provide the required details in Form REG-04 within a week. You must note that the decision to approve or reject the changes lies with the concerned officer. 

The fact that the entire process of accessing, downloading, and amending GST registration can be carried out online, makes it easier for entrepreneurs to complete the same smoothly. 

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Companies that are registered with GST are considered eligible for availing several benefits. So, to avail them, you must make sure to register on time and eliminate the hassles and other complications.. Also, make it a point to preserve your GST registration certificate as it serves as a dynamic proof, while conducting several types of business operations.

FAQs on GST Registration Certificate:

A. Whether you are a One Person Company (OPC), a Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), you are required to provide a digital signature for GST registration.