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A free invoice generator software helps accountants and business owners create invoices online and credit notes in a standardised format. They can use this online tool to stay on top of every transaction, calculate taxes and get digital invoices that they can store in an organised manner.

KredX offers invoice discounting to businesses and suppliers, allowing them to get immediate working capital from unpaid invoices. Our free invoice generator tool helps people create professional invoices with ease. These invoices will include all the standard elements, such as logo, business info, IRN (Invoice Reference Number), etc.

Read along to know everything about using this tool.

What Is An Invoice Generator?

An invoice generator is an online tool that automatically generates an invoice for goods and services. The user needs to enter various business information, customer and name and prices of items to get a detailed invoice in a ready-made template.

While there are plenty of templates available in Word or Excel, an online invoice generator creates professional invoices templates in standard formats according to India’s laws. Using this tool, individuals can streamline their invoice process as cloud billing systems make billing and record-keeping automatic, easier and more efficient.

Who Should Use An Invoice Generator Software?

In India, all taxpayers with an annual aggregate turnover of over Rs. 100 crore need to generate and store e-invoices (1). The Government plans to make e-invoicing mandatory for entities with a turnover of Rs. 50 crore from 15 November 2021 (2).

With e-invoices gradually becoming compulsory, small and large businesses need to start online billing. An online invoice maker can create various invoices, such as B2B invoices, B2C invoices, GST e-invoices, bills of supply, export bills etc. Business owners can use this tool to keep track of inventory, cashflows and payment reminders for customers.

Those who are still using manual invoices can use this simple tool to eliminate human errors and redundancies. It is also useful for employees who would otherwise have to spend hours manually generating invoices.

How To Create An Invoice Using KredX Invoice Bill Generator?

Follow the given steps to create a bill online using our free invoice generator:

Step 1: Enter Company Information

One needs to upload the Company Name, address, GSTIN, name of the state and country.

Step 2: Enter The Client’s Information

Enter the name of the customer or their business and full address.

Step 3: Add The Invoice Details

Enter the Item Name, item description, Rate, Qty and Amount.

Step 4: Generate The Invoice

Click on the GeneratePDF button to Download the invoice.

Benefits Of Using KredX Invoice Generator

The following are some of the benefits of using this online tool:

  • Saves Money For Businesses
    This invoice generator is a free tool (comes with free invoice template) that anyone can use to generate multiple invoices without having to sign up. Moreover, it eliminates the need to use paper, envelopes and stamps, unlike traditional invoicing.
  • Keeps The Invoicing System Organised
    When a business has many customers, suppliers and projects, it can be very difficult to organise invoices. With an invoice generator, one can streamline the entire process of generating paperless invoices and storing them using cloud services.
  • Uses A Standard Format
    With an invoice generator tool, one can get a standard template of invoices. This ensures that these invoices follow all the rules and have a professional look that catches customers’ attention.
  • Error Free Invoices
    online bill generator prevent errors associated with human input. This makes sure that the right client is billed with the right amount, which averts damaging customer relations.
  • Get Shareable And Printable Invoices
    One can easily share or print the invoice generated with our tool. This is more time-efficient than invoices generated via Word or Excel, which involve several more steps.

The online bill generator offers an easy and cost-free option for generating standard invoices for one’s company. One can then easily store PDFs of these invoices online in organised folders and create automated systems to update new orders and get timely reminders quickly.


A. No, there is no need to create a new account or log in to use our invoice generator. Anyone can use this free tool on our website.

A. This tool is 100% free for anyone to use. There are no trails, limitations, hidden charges or login requirements to use this.

A. No, the invoice generator does not save a copy of the invoices you have entered for privacy and web safety purposes. Thus, it is completely safe to use this tool.

A. No, we recommend that you download the PDF copy before sharing or printing the invoices.

A. Bills discounted are considered to be a liability.

A. Although they are both financing options leveraged by an asset, there is an important distinction worthy of mentioning. With regard to bill factoring, the investor or the finance company owns the sales ledger. In this case, the investor holds the responsibility of collecting the due invoices from the customer. However, in bill discounting, the company itself bears the right to make the collection.

A. Yes, factoring includes bill discounting, but the customer knows that the invoices have been factored. The provider assumes the responsibility of handling sales ledger