Digital Gold and Silver

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Digital Gold and Silver

When you enter the investment market, it is crucial to diversify your asset allocation. This way, if one of the asset classes is underperforming, it would not adversely affect your entire portfolio. That is why market experts suggest investing in digital gold or silver as a reliable means of portfolio diversification.

Several online digital gold and silver purchasing platforms in India, like KredX, have made it easier for investors to trade from the comfort of their homes.

What Is Digital Gold And Silver?

Digital gold and silver is a state-of-the-art virtual investment tool. In simpler terms, investing in digital gold and silver offers you the scope of purchasing and selling these metals without holding their physical counterparts. The leading fintech services in India work in tandem with the country’s top-of-the-line refineries that provide physical bullion of 99.9% purity.

When a trader invests in these digital products, these platforms securely store the gold or silver in a digital vault under the investor’s name. Note that you will transact as per the live market rates whenever you choose to purchase or sell these products. Moreover, you are guaranteed to receive the cash in a significantly short period after selling these digital products.

Why Invest In Digital Gold and Silver Over Physical Precious Metals?

Digital gold and silver investment in India has rapidly replaced the traditional methods of investing in these products by buying coins, bars, or jewellery. There are several factors why investors are showing interest in this alternative investment, such as:

  • Safety Concerns: For one, there are glaring concerns about safe storage issues and the scope of theft or loss. With digital gold, these products are not only kept in the vaults maintained by government banks but are also 100% insured.
  • Higher Return Rates: If you are purchasing gold jewellery, there is a significantly lower chance of profiting off such investments from the returns you receive. In contrast, market experts have noted that digital gold and silver are value-for-money long-term investments.
  • Affordability: With a lenient framework and flexible policies, a significantly more significant number of individuals can take part in digital gold and silver investments. To elaborate, as traditional physical gold is sold in multiple grams, a person must invest at least 5,000 rupees to enter this trading circuit. On the other hand, digital gold can be bought and sold in significantly smaller amounts. Therefore, you can start investing at as low as 100 rupees. Moreover, the fintech service providers often provide adequate SIP options.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: When investing in a gold exchange-traded fund [ETF], you need to pay a recurring annual charge of 0.5%-1% against such transactions. Alternatively, there isn’t any additional charge for investing in digital gold, barring the one-time 3% GST.

How To Buy Digital Gold And Silver?

The online digital gold and silver purchasing platforms have made their end-to-end paperless documentation process easier to ensure you can sign up for the services without spending excessive time.

So, when dealing with frontrunners of the field like KredX, you can opt for these services by simply going to the “Gold/Silver” tab on the website or app’s dashboard. Subsequently, you have the scope of selecting the quantity of gold or the monetary amount you want to invest.

Consequently, you will see a “buy now” option. You will have the scope of making the payment from the account created with the fintech service providers. After the transactions are made, a digital locker will reflect your holdings.

How Can You Get Physical Bullion Delivered To You?

Note that the fintech service providers charge a small fee to transfer the digital gold/silver to their physical counterpart and deliver it to your doorsteps. The online platforms make it hassle-free for investors to receive these precious metals at a location of your preference.

You can rest assured that the service providers will use a secure delivery network to ensure you receive these products without delay. Therefore, if you are looking to redeem these products, you only need to log in to your service provider’s platform and select the amount of gold/silver you want to convert. Subsequently, you will be asked to provide the PIN code of the area where you want these physical bullions delivered.

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Indian citizens with valid PAN cards can buy digital gold and silver.

The leading online gold and silver investment platforms in India, guarantee cash within two days of selling these digital products.

By live market rates, one means the current price of gold and silver exclusive of taxation. These rates keep changing throughout the day, although the price remains temporarily locked when an investor begins the purchasing procedure.

There is no limit on the amount of digital gold you can buy if you are an investor living in India.