KredX Feature Enhancements - Q3 FY 2018-19

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  • 31 Dec 18
  • Investor

At KredX, our customers are of paramount importance. In keeping with our continued efforts to improve user experience on the platform, the team at KredX released several exciting features and enhancements. Here is a quick look at all the recent feature updates from the past quarter:

  • Introduction of specific time slots for deal listing on the KredX platform to cater to the growing demand.

Investors can now choose to either enable or disable all preferred notifications. Please note that investors who had previously opted to receive deal notifications twice a day at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, for instance, will now receive all notifications until their preferences are updated.

  • Segregation of the deals page into three segments: Current Deals, Upcoming Deals & Past Deals

Current Deals - Deals currently live on the KredX platform including those that are in the process of being purchased

Upcoming Deals - This section contains information on all deals scheduled to be listed in the next slot and the time left before these deals go live to help our investors better plan for deal purchases in advance. Patrons will be intimated 10 minutes prior to the slot going live via email and push notifications about the upcoming deals.

Past Deals - Deals that are sold out

  • Launch of the YBL Payment Gateway

Investors with bank accounts in prominent banks (except CITI Bank and HDFC Bank) can now deposit funds directly into their KredX accounts via net banking using the YBL Payment Gateway.

Kindly note that net banking for CITI Bank and HDFC Bank are not currently supported by theYBL Payment Gateway. Patrons holding these bank accounts will be required to make transfers via RTGS or NEFT.

  • In other exciting news, we have just launched the all-new improved KredX website! Visit