KredX Feature Updates - Q3 FY 18-19

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  • 31 Dec 18
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At KredX, we value customer feedback and as a part of our continued efforts to improve user experience on the KredX platform, we have introduced several new features and enhancements over the course of the past quarter. Here is a quick look at the update(s) from the past quarter.

  • Introduction of our revised Annual Platform Fee Policy to ensure uninterrupted listing of deals and a seamless cash flow irrespective of annual platform fee payment.

In the event of an increase in the sanctioned limit after the platform fee for the upcoming year has been paid, the renewal date or the platform fee due date, for the same, will be calculated as 1 year from the date of limit increase, i.e., from fee payment date basis the increased limit and not 1 year from the previous annual platform fee payment.

Please note that once the limit has been increased, the vendor will be required to pay the annual platform fee for the new limit. A credit note will be issued to the vendor to account for any unutilised amount that was paid towards the old platform fee and will be adjusted with the new annual platform fee amount at the time of renewal.

  • Launch of the expected execution date feature for deal transactions through which vendors will now be able to know the expected execution date of a booked deal transaction on the dashboard.
  • Introduction of Invoice Statements which are statements that have been made available to vendors at the invoice level.

To access this, Log Into KredX > Click on Deals on the left-hand side panel > Click on Download Statement at the top of the page > Select Statement Type as Invoice Statement > Choose the financial year > Click Download Excel or Download PDF.

  • In other exciting news, we have just launched the all-new improved KredX website! Visit