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HerBeforeMother: KredX Celebrates Mother’s Day 2024

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we’re thrilled to unveil a special feature that pays homage to the incredible women who

interim budget 2024

Key Highlights Of The 2024 Budget For Businesses

This year, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented her 6th Budget, an Interim Budget, running up to the general elections

Best Way To Invest Money

Best Way To Invest Money Short Term

Saving up for a Car, that dream Bike, a piece of jewellery or just an exotic holiday – short term

payday loan

Payday Loans Vs Invoice Discounting: Which is Right for Your Business?

Navigating the complexities of business financing can be daunting, especially when choosing between payday loans and invoice discounting. Payday loans

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Loans: A Comprehensive Guide

Debt consolidation loans are a strategic financial solution for individuals grappling with multiple debts. In a world where financial burdens

Highly Successful Investors

Secrets Of Highly Successful Investors

In the dynamic investing world, distinguishing the average from the elite often hinges on knowledge, strategy, and mindset. The nuances

investment planning

What is Investment Planning and Why is it Important?

In today’s dynamic economic landscape, the maze of financial decision-making often appears intricate and overwhelming. Enter investment planning, the guiding

Invest in KredX Muhurat Trading!

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest During the KredX Muhurat Trading!

In the realm of finance, timing often plays a pivotal role in determining the success of your investments. During the

Simplifying On-Demand Services

Simplifying On-Demand Services During The Festive Rush

The festive seasons around the world are truly captivating. Streets adorned with lights, homes filled with laughter, and markets bustling

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What Our Clients Says
Satish Mehta
Colonel (Retired), Indian Air Forces

“While investing, my apprehensions are that my money should be safe, and I should get a reasonably good ROI. And KredX has matched up to that expectation. With KredX, the period of investment is much smaller, which means your money doesn’t get locked up for long, and you get liquidity on your money.”

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What Our Clients Says
Sumit Sharma

“KredX has helped us unlock the potential of our business receivables, shortening our cash-to-cash cycle, thereby giving us business owners flexibility to work more efficiently.”

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What Our Clients Says
Karunakaran B

“KredX’s technology platform is very good and has helped me to receive funds within 1 week of product shipment to our clients. This has really made our lives very simple.”

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