What is ICEGATE?

Icegate meaning or ICEGATE full form is Indian Customs and Central Excise Electronic Commerce/Electronic Data Interchange (EC/EDI) Gateway. It is essentially an online portal (aka ice gate portal) with 8,500 registered users. This e-commerce portal caters to both cargo and trade carriers through e-filing services. It also serves the clientele of the country’s customs department.

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What is ICEGATE – Meaning And Scope

ICEGATE platform serves as an infrastructure project which helps to fulfill a department’s Electronic Data Interchange or Electronic Commerce and Data Communication requirements. As per statistics, this platform assists over 6.72 lakh exporters and importers and is linked with 15 types of partners who work with Customs EDI to transmit a message. It accelerates clearance from Customs.

It also facilitates several electronic services, including electronic filing of Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill. ICEGATE also offers services like –

  • Facilities for registering online for IPR,
  • Verifying the status of IE code
  • Tracking document status at Customs EDI
  • E-payment of custom duties
  • IGST refund
  • Verifying DES/DEPB/EPCG license online
  • Searching data through PAN
  • Redirecting to websites related to Customs business
  • Round the clock services

Why Should One Register At ICEGATE?

Typically, one needs to register with ICEGATE to file Bill of Entry, shipping bills and other vital documents online. Generally, a single ICEGATE registration is sufficient for transacting through all or any given EDI customs port.

Notably, registration is done for –

  • Export general manifest (EGM)
  • Import general manifest (IGM)
  • Consol manifest
  • Export
  • Import

How To Register For ICEGATE?

The registration process is simple and can be completed by following these easy steps –

Step 1 – Log on to ICEGATE portal.

Step 2 – Look for the registration link on the Home Page.

To sign up on the e-commerce portal of the Central Board of Excise & Customs, one must click on the ‘Simplified Registration’ link.

Step 3 – Enter and verify the IEC, GSTIN and the temporary password sent from the portal.

Step 4 – Provide essential details and fill out the registration form.

Step 5 – Enter the unique ICEGATE ID and password.

Step 6 – Two different OTPs will be generated and sent to the applicant’s registered email ID and mobile number.

Step 7 – Enter valid OTPs to finish the registration.

Step 8 – Check the details and click on the ‘Finish’ button.

In case applicants want to make some changes to the email ID or details shared on the registration form, they can do so by clicking on the link marked “Click Here”. Subsequently, they will need to share an alternative email ID and a mobile number. Following this, an OTP will be generated and sent on the alternative mail ID.

Individuals need to submit some documents to complete the process of registration.

This table provides a glance at the essential documents –


Documents Required For ICEGATE Registration 


Aadhaar card


Voter ID card


Driving license




Authorisation Letter


License or Permit


Authorisation to F Card or  G Card


Authorisation Letter or Order of Commissioner

Benefits Of Using ICEGATE:

With the introduction of ICEGATE, the Customs Department has become more accountable. It has also helped the said department to minimise complaints related to delay in consignment delivery from the end of both importers and exporters.

Some of the most noteworthy benefits of ICEGATE include –

  • The portal facilitates e-filing of export and import declarations
  • Allows customs to reply to importers and exporters after Bills of Entry and Shipping bills are assessed.
  • Helps importers and exporters to view and track their online document’s status.
  • The portal comes in handy to raise a query and receive prompt replies.

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It is mandatory to register with ICEGATE and have an ID.

It is not mandatory to file icegate Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill through registered mail Id. Nevertheless, businesses will receive the status of their queries only on their registered mail.

ICEGATE was launched to help traders, cargo carriers and other trading partners with the ease of filling business forms electronically. Currently, there are around 43542 registered ICEGATE users.

Importers or exporters create a Bill of Entry. It is a document that details what is being shipped. On the other hand, a Bill of Lading is issued by shippers and details the items they accept to ship.

There are 3 types of icegate Bills of Entry procedures in India. They are – Bill of Entry for home consumption, warehousing Bill of Entry and Ex-bond Bill of Entry.

It is a tax or type of duty that is imposed under the Customs Act of 1962 on exported and imported goods and services. Typically, Customs duty tends to range between 5% and 40%.

It is a legal document that is filled by importers or their customs house agent. The said document helps to pass through import customs clearance so that they can receive imported cargo.

The process involves – the preparation and submission of documents required for exports or imports. It also involves the representation of a client, assessment, payment of duty, receiving delivery of cargo, etc.