Your 2017 Financial Horoscope - Investors

hmmSo, 2016 wasn’t really the best for most of us. From losing our favorite celebrities, reeling from the after effects of demonetization to losing a powerful nation to Trump, we can say we’ve seen it all. But all is not lost! We’re already a few months into 2017 and it has been promising so far. Let’s see what the rest of 2017 has in store money-wise for you.


This year starts on an uncertain note but worry not, for the year is overall positive for people falling under this zodiac sign. You are likely to be bitten by the entrepreneurship bug in 2017 which makes it all the more necessary to save and invest. Your horoscope also shows that you are likely to buy a second home. While your financial position is favourable, you must be exercise caution in investments in the period between March to mid-April. You will end the year on a positive note and receive great returns on your investments.


While the year may not be high on the luck factor, your hard work will ensure a smooth year in money matters. It is important to invest on security and reduce spending on frivolity because it will only benefit you in the long run. A smooth inflow of money, good gains on investments, fame and recognition will come your way in the months from June to October.


2017 seems to be the year you experiment with different routes to generate income. While there may be some extra money coming your way, it is important to curtail your expenses and maintain a balance between earning and spending. The period from June to September may not be very favourable in money matters as expenses would be on the higher side. After September, your financial position will take an upward turn.


The planetary positions may cause a rough start to your year but things will begin to look up from February. You are likely to invest in a home or buy a vehicle this year between March and October. After October, you must consciously control your expenses. Overall, there will be some hiccups in the form of extensive expenditure but nothing that your good wealth and intelligence can’t solve.


2017 will be a favourable year for you financially owing to a sudden increase in wealth. There is a good chance that you will buy a second property. You must exercise caution when signing important documents and avoid mistakes in debt in April. Try to consciously reduce risks and refrain from major financial investments. If you must invest, the period from September to October will be the most favourable. Focus on repaying your existing loans this year as that will ensure that you are in a strong financial position in no time.


People who fall under this zodiac sign will experience a bit of turbulence in money matters this year. You need to be cautious with your expenses and control overheads in May as the balance between income and expenses is slightly skewed. But fret not! After September, this turbulence clears up and gives way to an increase in financial returns on existing investments.


This is the year you would need to work hard to lay the foundation for your future wealth. There will be huge expenses in 2017 but you are likely to enter into wise investment deals. The period from June to October is especially favourable for any such investments.


This year, you should make financial management your top priority. There might be some unexpected expenses that come your way but you should try and steer yourself away from them. You may make some financial mistakes but you will learn from them quickly and rectify your mistakes. After mid-October, your income and savings will see a substantial rise. For anybody looking to invest in real-estate, the end of the year marks a favourable time for all such investments.


2017 is a great year for Sagittarians as they will gain stability in all things finance. You will earn extra income and will see an increase in earnings and accumulations. Remember to invest wisely and not take on major financial deals between March and May. This year is great for those interested in investing in gold as high returns are a given.


The year may start on a hazy note as losses incurred during the year may be on the higher side. However, inflow of money from January to April should give you a good head start to help you manage your finances. You must exercise financial discipline to ensure a healthy financial position. Investing in stocks may not be a favourable investment option this year. Instead, efforts must be made to repay debts and focus on financial management. You are likely to meet people who will help you achieve your financial dreams in the coming years.


This year will be a reasonably stable financial year for Aquarians as you are likely to see an increase in earnings in 2017. The planetary positions indicate a high likelihood of buying a property thereby increasing your immovable wealth. The second week of May is especially favourable for any property deals. The year ends on a positive note with an increase in income in the last quarter.


2017 marks a sound and stable year for people falling under this zodiac sign. You will be introduced to new exciting avenues of investments this year. Refrain from splurging and put some effort into financial planning. After mid-April, your earnings will increase and this will be a great time to set aside some funds for emergencies. You are likely to sell your old property between April and May. Utilise this money to invest in a new property this year.

So now that you know what’s in store for you this year, what investment routes are you exploring in 2017? If you have any queries about investing on KredX, we would love to clarify them. Simply write to us at