Why Money Management Is Critical To Your Finances

Money management is a core skill that most of us could always use a lesson on. It is always best to have very specific plans for all of your paychecks. Operating out of just your monthly salary can have negative consequences for your personal finances. This is a common mistake most of the Indian working class makes and is a very risky way of living your life. Here are a few ways you can employ to manage your money better.

Comparing your expenditure and income

This is the most basic place to start. In most cases, a lack of savings is directly linked to spending more than you realistically should. You need to take a hard look at everything you are spending money on a monthly basis and cut off the extravagance you don’t need. The expenses you might deem necessary to you will also need to be scrutinised in detail as well. If serious cost-cutting measures are to be employed, the best results are achieved by inviting friends or family members to help you with the process. A truly objective perception of what is necessary for you can easily stem from other people who care about you taking a look into your life. In short, make cutting down on your expenses priority more than preserving the status quo of your financial situation. The results would be immediate and pleasantly tangible.

Taking investments seriously

The most important aspect of money management is achieving your savings goals. The primary idea will always be about having just enough capital in your account for the rainy days coming your way. Investments will help you achieve this and go a long way in helping your personal finances grow. Having said this, it is probably a good idea to dip into your savings for the purpose of investments. This differentiation will help you contextualise the investment choices that you might ultimately end up making. At the same time, there are specific investments out there that specialise in attracting very little risk from market volatility. KredX is a very good example of this as it guarantees the protection of the initial amount you had invested. As an organisation that deals in bill discounting, KredX is well placed to take your investment prospects higher. Being well-read on the risk factors that affect the market and then making decisions about your investments would be very ideal.

Plan like you might have major expenses

The benefit of planning your money in a way that anticipates huge costs, is simply that there just might be huge expenses coming your way. Life is unpredictable on the good days, would you rather be broke and hoping for miracles on the bad ones? It is never a good idea to panic when it comes to emergencies but the brilliance of your actions will shine through when you have personal funds to fall back on during an emergency. As a member of the civil society that is part of this century, it is fairly obvious that only good things can come off saving for a crisis. There aren’t any shortages in crises. Here is to hoping you are prepared the next time you have to face one.

Plan for the lifestyle you want for yourself

It's easier to think about what you have today than worry about what you might tomorrow. This mentality is what incentivises a lot of us to spend haphazardly without a care for the future. It is probably time to know yourself a little better and form an understanding of what it is that you want for your future. The lifestyle you would enjoy, the quality that you want for yourself and the people that you want to surround yourself with. Monetary freedom has a lot to do with all the factors mentioned above. Have a realistic, down to earth plan for the immediate future and the incentive for personal budgeting will not have to be as hard as you might imagine.


Money management is a crucial part of modern-day living. If you have not been living in accordance with this, you are prone to lifestyle shocks. This scenario is easily avoided through simple budgeting plans that are easy to follow through if you are motivated enough. Having strong personal finances should be the first priority of any working individual with a bank account to show for it. And money management strategies offer the best ways to get to your financial goals.