What Are Bonds And How To Invest Online?

Capital preservation with a hint of steady income has always been the USP of bond investments. Accordingly, this investment instrument enjoys immense popularity among risk-averse and conservative investors.  However, just having an idea of the features and limitations of an investment instrument is not sufficient to jump on the wagon. As an intending investor, you need to be familiar with its ins and outs. Of course, it includes having a proper idea as to how and where to invest in bonds Although online investment portals like KredX have made it easier for individuals to invest in instruments like bonds, PMS, and digital gold, it is wise to check the steps involved to simplify the process.  On that note, let us jump into the basics of bonds investment online and how to make it work in your favour! 

Different Ways Of Investing In Bonds – In Brief

You can invest in bonds in several ways. However, the route often depends on the type of bond you want to acquire.  Here are a few basic ways of parking your money in this investment instrument –
Online Investment Channels Description 
Broker You can buy bonds online from certified brokers. Usually, the bond price set by one broking agent differs from that of another. 
Government In case you wish to buy government bonds, you can do so through online NSE portals. 
ETF Or A Mutual Fund Investors who wish to diversify their portfolio often choose mutual funds or ETF bonds investment options.
Online Investment Platforms Reputed online platforms like KredX serve as a marketplace for investors. These feature multiple investment instruments and allow investors to pick one that matches their investment objectives.
Notably, these investment channels have made it easier for investors to buy bonds online. However, if you prefer to initiate and complete all investment-related formalities digitally, you could invest in bonds via platforms like KredX. Such a platform acts as a marketplace and enables investors to streamline the purchase and sale of investment instruments. 

Steps To Invest In Bonds Online

Here is a gist of how you can invest in bonds via online platforms – 
  • Step 1 – Log in to KredX's official portal
  • Step 2 – Look for the Bonds tab
  • Step 3 – Check the available bond options to select the most suited option
  • Step 4 – Select how many units you want to purchase 
  • Step 5 – Click on the 'Book Now' button
Once these steps are covered, you would be able to invest in bonds online. The USP of such a platform is that the entire process is carried out digitally. You do not need to meet investment relationship managers in person to complete an investment.  However, make it a point to gain insight into a few things about bonds investment in detail. It will help you develop required strategies to make the most of the perks of this investment instrument and cushion its limitations if any. 

Things To Keep In Mind Before Investing In Bonds

Here is a list of things you should keep in mind to make an informed decision when it comes to bonds investments
  • Maturity: This factor helps determine how a bond reacts to a change in market interest rates. Note that bonds with a longer maturity period are highly volatile to interest rate risks. 
  • Investment Cost: To gauge the overall cost of investing, make it a point to check both bond prices and brokerage charges. However, don't base your investment decision entirely on cost. Make it a point to weigh the interest rate as well. 
  • Credit Rating: Usually, investors hesitate to invest in a bond as they are unsure about the issuer's repayment capability. As an investor, you can eliminate such doubts by checking a bond's credit rating before buying it. 
In addition to these, factor in your investment objective and risk-taking capacity before investing. Also, pay attention to the investment platform you choose to invest in bonds. 

Bottom Line

To ensure you have a hassle-free experience of investing in bonds, make sure to pick an investment platform that helps you streamline the process so you can focus on other essential aspects. For instance, pick a platform that offers a diverse range of investment products to choose from and makes it easier to track investments online.