Short Term Investment With KredX

Short-term investments form an integral part of any financial planning, especially to assist one’s short-term financial goal. These kinds of investments refer to marketable securities or assets that are used to provide a safe, temporary place for the cash while it awaits future deployment. Short-term investments are highly liquid assets designed for a short duration, typically ranging from 3 to 12 months. Seasoned investors suggest that effective long-term plans are often supplemented by short-term investments. These small financial achievements can have a significant impact in the long run in terms of supporting one’s financial goals.

While the market is showing signs of a bearish trend with rising interest rates, investors in India are increasingly turning towards short-term investments to earn remunerative returns. Unlike its counterpart, short-term investment provides optimal returns and liquidity, while ensuring minimum risk exposure due to shorter maturity timeframes. Hence, many new-age investors are increasingly finding short-term investment as a lucrative way to score competitive returns and high liquidity.

Short-term investment in India is gaining traction among investors as they provide faster returns in a limited time.

What Is KredX? 

KredX, an invoice discounting platform, provides investors with a unique opportunity to invest in unpaid invoices of high-growth businesses, thereby allowing investors to earn remunerative returns in a short time span.

Diversify Your Portfolio With KredX 

With market volatility on a constant rise, investors are on a continuous lookout for investment options outside the traditional portfolios like stocks, bonds, and more. This is why alternative investments came as a viable option for investors to hedge their portfolio against market inflation and earn high returns. KredX’s invoice discounting marketplace enables investors to earn high returns by investing in a brand-new asset class, which otherwise has been only accessible to banks and institutional investors.

Benefits Of Short-Term Investment

Flexibility In the case of short-term investments, investors don't need to park their cash for an extended period of time. Since the lock-in period is less, it allows investors to deploy the returns into some other security.
Diversification Since short-term investments have small parking period, they are less vulnerable to market depreciation in terms of returns, as investors tend to invest in a wide array of securities. As the amount is scattered into different asset classes, the risk associated with it also spreads out.
High Returns With the emergence of new-age alternative investment vehicles like invoice discounting, investors can invest a small amount and earn high returns in a short time.

Why KredX? 

KredX provides an alternative short-term investment option for investors with minimal risk exposure. The invoice discounting platform offers investors with a safe investment option to maximise yields, while guaranteeing a substantial portfolio diversification at an above-market rate, wherein:

  • The KredX business model employs a 360° risk analysis system which takes place at multiple stages wherein all the aspects of the invoice are assessed to ensure investors don’t face any execution risk.
  • All the invoices uploaded in the KredX platform goes through a stringent verification process to maintain legitimacy and safeguard the interest of the investor.
  • KredX screens the security of each transaction through Escrow Accounts for both Businesses and Investors, individually.

The KredX Advantage

Unique alternative fixed-income short-term investment

  • Invest in a brand-new alternative asset class
  • Earn above-market returns in the range of 12-20%* IRR
  • Short-term investment cycles of 30-90 days at low-risk

Robust Risk Mitigation

  • Comprehensive risk management with no execution risk
  • 360° credit risk analysis system at multiple stages
  • Multiple verifications of the relationship between borrower and enterprise

Who Can Invest In KredX? 

To start investing in KredX, one has to be:

  • Individual resident investors
  • HUF / Proprietorship registered in India
  • Institutional investors
  • Banks, NBFCs and other Financial Institutions
  • NRI investors (Provided you have an NRO account and comply with basic pre-defined KYC guidelines- Pan card and valid Indian address proof.)
  • An adult citizen of India (can be an NRI too)
  • Should invest a minimum of INR 3 lakh
  • Should hold a valid PAN card

How KredX Invoice Discounting Platform Works?

  • Investor signs up on KredX and logs into the KredX account
  • Investor purchases invoices of their choice
  • Funds are disbursed to vendor’s bank account in 24-72 hrs through escrow account
  • Upon tenure completion, enterprise credits invoice amount into an escrow account
  • KredX then transfers this amount to the investor
  • Investor makes ~12-20%* profit in 30-90 days


Individual resident investors, HUF / Proprietorship registered in India Institutional investors, NRI investors (Provided you have an NRO account and comply with basic predefined KYC guidelines- Pan card and valid Indian address proof)

You can invest a minimum of INR 3 lakhs per deal.

Invoice Financing is a very niche product and KredX's Invoice Discounting platform ensures higher short-term yield for its investors. Our conservative and ever-evolving risk management policies minimise the risk of investing for our investors.

No. Being an ISO 27001:2013 certified private entity which deals with secure information from the clients, KredX takes strict measures in dealing with secured information.

KredX provides the option of short-term investments to our investors due to which the maximum tenure for a discounted invoice is 90 days.