5 Attractive Offers by KredX for Online Sellers For The Festive Season

  • KredX Editorial Team
  • 21 Oct 21
  • business
The ongoing festive season is a much-awaited period for businesses in India. Also, as more people are adopting the socially distant lifestyle, consumers are rapidly switching to online shopping. Online sellers must gear up to tackle the increased demand during the festive season to keep up with the changes. In this regard, they can turn to KredX, which is currently extending an array of offers to online sellers to account for the added demands and requirements.  So, let’s begin!

How Is KredX Helping Online Sellers During This Festive Season?

KredX is helping online sellers in more than one way by extending these lucrative offers and discounts: 
  • Zero Collateral Working Capital For Growth

A business faced with a cash crunch fails to meet its working capital requirements. Since working capital is essential to carry out day-to-day operations, enterprises should find a way to replenish it. Businesses can opt for invoice discounting with KredX and convert its accounts receivable into cash to achieve the same.  Additionally, unlike the conventional sources of financing, invoice discounting does not require a business to pledge its assets as collateral. Instead, a firm can use its unpaid invoices to obtain immediate working capital. This, in turn, allows enterprises to protect their assets from falling into a debt trap.
  • Quicker Invoice Sale In Bulk

For this festive season, KredX is allowing businesses to sell their invoices in bulk. Therefore, they can unlock their funds tied up in a large number of invoices with the utmost ease and convenience. This will allow businesses to access a higher amount and help to account for the festive rush with greater ease. 
  • Easy Access At Best Rates

KredX provides quick on boarding to businesses, thus simplifying the process of accessing funds.   Moreover, the process is completely digital, thus saving one from a myriad of paperwork, thereby consuming lesser time. In fact, when a business chooses KredX, it can get easy access to working capital in just 24-72 hours*.  Furthermore, the platform is taking its services a notch higher during this festive season and offering funds at reduced interest rates. So, online sellers can enjoy a smooth borrowing experience along with affordable rates of interest, which can be as low as 1%*.
  • Exciting Cashbacks And Incentives

To further ease operations during the festive season, KredX is extending several exciting perks. Businesses opting for invoice discounting with this platform can get cash backs against their transactions. Additionally, when they choose to avail funds against their unpaid invoices, they can earn numerous incentives.
  • Off-Balance-Sheet Solution For Funds 

In case of business loans, the transaction gets reflected on a firm’s balance sheet as a liability. However, invoice discounting stands out from other financing solutions as it does not get recorded in an enterprise’s balance sheet.  In addition, some businesses may prefer to remain as the single touch point for customers, and therefore, keep financial arrangements with third parties confidential. This implies that invoice discounting with KredX can be all the more attractive for such a business as its clientele is not made aware of the transaction.

How Can You Onboard Yourself On KredX?

To partner with KredX, a business has to follow a simple digital process, as described below:
  • Sign Up: Simply sign up on the platform with a prerequisite set of documents.
  • On boarding: After document submission and verification, the enterprise gets on boarded onto the platform.
  • Invoice Listing: The business lists its invoices on KredX.
Once a business lists its invoices, accredited investors on KredX buy them. Thereafter, funds are disbursed in 24-72 hours*.

Bottom Line 

The festive season is a much-anticipated period for buyers and sellers alike. However, with the growing popularity of online shopping, e-retailers may struggle to meet the increased demand due to a lack of liquidity. Therefore, KredX is extending a helping hand to these businesses so that a lack of funds does not hinder their growth. So, sign up with KredX this festive season and earn attractive offers and incentives!