5 Apps To Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score is really important for your future prospects. Whatever plans you hold, for whatever purpose, sometimes the bottom line would be that you would need credit assistance. Credit scores are extremely important in this regard. Determining your creditworthiness is of utmost importance in the process of an agency lending you money. Here are a few apps that can help you in this regard:

Credit Karma

What sets apart Credit Karma from the competition is that it helps you understand how your credit scores are affected with each transaction you make. Open credit utilisation rate and average age of open credit lines are just some of the options you are privy to with this app. Your reports are also updated weekly so you would be completely aware of your credit score health.

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame is based on Experian. This company has links with over 2900 financial institutions in India. They are also known to be among Forbes magazine’s elite pick for business innovations implemented by a company. Credit Sesame makes use of Experian’s unique analytics tools to give you in depth credit scores. The features they offer vary from credit monitoring to summaries on your monthly debt payments.

Mint: Money Manager, Budget and Personal Finance

Mint is a requirement if you are consistently on the hunt to improve your credit score. Based on Equifax which operates in fifteen countries, the organisation has tie ups with seven leading financial institutions in India. Mint offers comprehensive study of your finances with helpful suggestions on availing access to better credit.

Credit Card Statistics

Credit card reporting is of prime importance if you are using Credit Card Statistics. You will receive a free report from them every twelve months that will have detailed analysis of your finances. Credit Card Statistics is the perfect tool to have if you are looking for long terms goals to set with your credit scores.


This app gives you a reasonable expectation model on what your credit score will look like for the short term as well as the long term. Again based on Experian, Credit.com is an intuitive app that is capable of analysing your financial decisions and giving you an idea on how each and everyone of them positively or negatively effects your credit score. The app refreshes your score once a month.

Staying on top of your finances should be an integral part of your life plan. With these apps you can now make value based decisions that will help you keep your credit scores healthy. Being proactive in this regard and carefully giving heed to the monetary choices you make will lead to a healthy lifestyle. But more importantly, to a more creditworthy one.