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What Is CapEx Discounting

In today’s hyperconnected world, keeping up with the changing business requirements, while maintaining optimum cash flow and managing capital expenditure can be a challenging task. Expansion of a business doesn’t just imply procuring raw materials but also to have growth capital at disposal to continue operations and obtain large orders. For any company, the business isn’t accomplished at fulfilling large orders, but at the selling of the final product. This entire cycle requires a business to have storage units, office spaces, warehouse facilities, and so on.

So, how does a business achieve growth without depleting their growth capital at a rapid speed?

Introducing KredX’s CapEx Discounting - a hybrid, one-of-a-kind solution which caters to solving capital expenditure challenges for large enterprises. The solution is formulated to provide an alternative for large enterprises to encash rental receipts at a discounted rate. This form of discounting enables companies to discount their lease/rental agreements to get upfront funds to grow their business, thus addressing CapEx requirements.

The alternative financial product provides the much-needed capital support to enterprises to prolong their business journey. CapEx Discounting aims to help large enterprises source capital expenditure by using their agreement as collateral by enabling companies to discount their lease/rental agreements to avail upfront funds to grow their business.

How CapEx Discounting Works

Business gets on-boarded onto the CapEx Discounting platform with our prerequisite list of documents.

KredX team works with the business to understand their requirements.

Post qualification, KredX works with its investors to find the best deal for the business.

Funds are disbursed to the business’ account within a week.

Investors are paid back through easy monthly installments.

CapEx Discounting Highlights

EMI-based product

Tenures of 6 - 24 months

Minimal risk

Consistent monthly payment

Healthy portfolio diversification

Industries We Serve

CapEx Discounting is aimed at creating liquidity for companies who have leased out their commercial properties to large corporates for fixed terms and caters to the following sectors:

Machinery/Equipment Lease

Current Scenario

Machinery and equipment play an integral role in the functioning of several industries, right from logistics and manufacturing to the medical sectors.


Being such a vital component of various industries, businesses source these equipment via leasing or purchase bearing heavy costs impacting their day to day operations, ability to expand & take on fresh orders, upgradation of old machinery, etc.


The KredX CapEx Discounting solution solves growth capital challenges for businesses dealing with heavy machinery and equipment.


The solution provides upfront funding so that you can focus on business growth & expansion without hassles.

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Coworking Spaces

Current Scenario

With the emergence of startups, coworking spaces are high on demand, owing to the culture and facilities provided.


Most of the coworking spaces don’t own the property as they take it on rent and further sublet the property as a mode of business. Since most of these properties are on rent, they face challenges while procuring loans through traditional modes.


KredX’s growth capital solution – CapEx discounting is one such product that enables businesses to en-cash their rent receipts.


Seamless business operation and expansion.

Commercial Rentals Lease

Current Scenario

Business expansion like the opening of franchise, branches, or requirement of storage units is something that will always be in need, be it any sector, retail, FMCG, automobile industry, and so on.


New-age business models, increasing competition, extensive use of technology, and fluctuating lessor and lessee dynamics are compelling businesses to be more agile.


The KredX CapEx discounting solution enables businesses to convert growth expenditure to growth capital.


Access to growth capital results in enhanced business capability to adapt to new demands.

Hospitality Lease

Current Scenario

The hospitality industry has witnessed a year-on-year influx in travellers who look to enjoy the best of hospitality services at the best possible price.


Being a credit-heavy industry, cash inflow seems to be a major pain point pestering hoteliers, halting the expansion that is required in this field.


KredX’s lease rental discounting solution – CapEx discounting, aids hospitality businesses to discount their lease agreement for achieving the much-needed monetary boost.


Unhalted expansion, seamless business performance, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Warehousing Lease

Current Scenario

From mere concrete godowns to the modern, technologically advanced stockroom, equipped with real-time tracking methodology, warehousing industry has come a long way.


However, constant cash flow is required to keep up with the rapidly changing requirements.


KredX’s growth capital solution – CapEx discounting is one such product that caters to such requirements.


A crucial role as the midpoint storage stop for commodities in the supply chain, thus increasing demands from FMCG, eCommerce, and other sectors


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