Why Social Media Marketing Matters For Your Business?

COVID-19 outbreak has ushered in a new range of challenges for businesses, demanding a colossal shift to social media marketing. In light of this, we spoke to Sakil Ahamed, Asst. Manager- Social Media, KredX about how companies are harnessing social media strategies to capture and cater to their customers. Here’s an insightful article by Sakil Ahamed & the KredX editorial team.  We have more than 7 billion people on this planet out of which 3.8 billion people are using social media at this moment. This means that as a business, there’s a whole realm of the audience to cater and capture. For decades, companies have invested in marketing to gain, attract, and maintain their customer base. Social media marketing is all about the connection that you build and the stories you tell. In fact, nowadays, most of the purchase on the internet is triggered by the influence of social media platforms. In light of this, here are some of the reasons why brands are increasingly venturing into social media to stay connected with their customers and why businesses that do not have a social media presence must consider this. 

1. Brand Awareness:

A product or service cannot ever be scalable with poor brand awareness. A customer is willing to be loyal to you when he/she is well aware of the brand and has trust in it. Social media provides the right platform to create brand awareness and plays a significant role in providing you the brand authority and brand loyalty over your audience.

2. Understand Your Audience Persona:

Social media helps you understand your customers. Tools like social media analytics will help in determining how much time your customer has spent on your content, how many customers successfully bought products from you, where they came from, why the rest of the customer did not make a purchase, and more. These data will help you to optimise your product/service as per the customer needs and result in churining more revenue. 

3. Improves Your SEO Ranking & Traffic:

Social media is an excellent resource for traffic redirection on your website. The various backlinks you add to your posts on various social media channels will only help you improve your SEO ranking; win-win situation, one might say.

4. Quick Conversion:

This one is especially relevant to small business owners. Facebook and Instagram provide you with an option to upload your catalogue and set up your online shop for direct online sales. You do not need any server or website to make the conversion. It is the best and probably the easiest way to start selling online for a small business.

5. Re-Target Audience Who Visited Your Website:

There are a lot of customers who visit your website but don’t buy anything. These customers have the maximum chances of getting converted. You can track all these website visitors and target them with your ad campaign for a better conversion rate and ROI. 

6. Lead Generation:

You can generate better leads by running ad campaigns in social media which most likely gets converted. Lead generation ads are not like redirecting users to your website for unmeasurable conversion. In fact, it is all about the audience that is interested in your products/services and is willing to give you their contact data. Once this is in place, the rest of the conversion becomes easier.

7. Helps Your Campaign:

Social media has a significant contribution in making any content go viral. Once your content goes viral, it creates more visibility in the digital world which directly impacts your sales. Remember point #1 here. 

8. Communication With A Potential Customer:

Social media is all about being social and making connections. You have a conversation with your potential customers about your niche and get them converted easily by applying the marketing funnel.

9. Customer Support:

Great customer support always helps any business to grow more. Social media is a great way to serve your customers. Here your customer will give you appreciation and recommendations on the service provided, and timely responses will further help you establish your brand image.

10. Showcase Your Brand Values:

We remember most of the brands by their tagline, values, logos, etc. Social media provides a great platform to showcase your brand’s story with an emotional or humorous touch and this lasts long in the customer's mind.

The Bottomline

We all know that print media advertising costs way more than digital advertising and in this age of digitisation, what better time to make your brand seen on social media with great ROI, while managing your brand reputation and keeping your audience interested, irrespective of the size of a business, than now!