What Matters For Product: Quality Or Quantity?

The debate over quality and quantity has raged on and on when it comes to developing products. Do businesses succeed by producing more and more or focusing their time and effort on creating a high-quality product?  In light of the same, we spoke to Indu Karma, Quality Lead, KredX, about the dominant factors of quantity and quality, and here's what she had to say. Quantity matters only when the product has quality. Quality matters when it has a wow factor to it, which comes with customer’s gratification.  Since we are talking about quality of a product, it mostly depends on three factors i.e. Cost, Time, and Scope. You cannot really compromise with any of these factors to produce a splendid product. So, I would delineate Quality as “Doing the Right thing at the Right Time.”  Now, is it possible to manage the above aspects together? YES, here is an assortment of different features that outline the Quality of a Product:

Clear And Coherent Communication:

Communication is important in every phase of Product design i.e. before, during, and after the production. To fulfill the customers’ requirements is to communicate things at the right time as it is crucial, and helps build long-term relationships with them.

Planning And Strategy:

Besides understanding the importance of communication, the team must develop resourceful planning and efficient strategy to design products with the finest quality. It gives vision to the team and a roadmap to create high-quality products. Hence, it is prudent to have a foolproof plan to navigate through the entire production - from ideating to executing.  

Technology And Technique:

Appropriate technology and efficient technique helps to develop good products, and also provides customer data security. 

Maintenance And Durability:

Developing a fine product is not just what the customer always wants but also the durability and maintenance of the product. Maintaining the quality of the product helps gain genuine customers, and increases the sustainability.

Heed To The Feedback:

For continuous improvement, always pin your ears back to your customers as feedback is the key to enhance the product. Effective feedback encourages both customers and product owners to develop and maintain the product’s market relevance.

Ground-Breaking Ideas:

Innovative ideas help teams build quality products and influence more customers to get into the business. Valuable ideas give high quality products with higher return on investment (ROI). 


The crux is that quality determines the business's success and quantity matters only when the former prevails. As product quality improves, it ultimately strengthens the relationship with your customers.