Top Marketing Strategies For Logistics Companies

Time is money This particular concept serves as gospel for companies that deal in logistics. Essentially, the primary function of these companies is based on their time management and proficiency in delivering goods on time. While quality speaks for a brand, sometimes logistics companies need to promote themselves to reach out to more customers. In such a situation, companies depend more on their logistics marketing strategies than anything else.  In fact, having well-rounded marketing strategies at hand allows companies to not only promote their brand but also improve their existing brand image.  So, if you are running a logistics company, make sure to build some relevant market strategies and put them into practice at the earliest.  To help you in this, we have compiled a few such effective strategies. You can incorporate them into your existing marketing strategies and enhance your brand presence. 

Marketing Strategies To Improve Brand Visibility 

Check out the following strategies to gain an idea about how you can improve your brand visibility through effective marketing. 

Strategy 1 – Define Service Offer Clearly

Successful logistics companies are transparent about the services they offer. They also define these clearly to eliminate the risk of setting unrealistic expectations.  With this in mind, you should proceed to define your firm’s area of expertise and dealings. For instance, try to highlight –
  • Do you deliver finished goods, semi-finished ones, or raw materials?
  • Mode of transport
  • Nature of transport – export or import
  • Type of technology used 
This will help you to attract the desired group of the target audience and further retain them in the long-term. 

Strategy 2 – Improve Quality Of Service 

Your marketing strategies are as bankable as the quality of the service you provide.  As the owner of a logistics company, you should try to improve your delivery chain system and quality of packaging. Other than that, it would help if you worked on delivering packages on time. Enhancing the quality of overall service will allow you to make the most of peer to peer marketing and create a reliable brand image in the market.

Strategy 3 – Allocate Funds For Marketing

As per B2B Marketing Mix Report published in 2019, around 40% of B2B companies shell out at least 10% of the company budget on marketing. In case you fall in the other 60%, it is time to make some changes regarding your disposition towards marketing. To achieve result-based goals, logistics companies must set aside a sizable chunk of funds for marketing every month.  In this regard, you may argue that restrained cash flow or negative working capital can prevent companies from investing in marketing plans.  Nevertheless, with the availability of alternative financing options like invoice discounting, you meet all your working capital related expenses, including the cost of marketing easily. Ideally, such a financing option helps to access funds quickly against unpaid invoices. 

Strategy 4 – Work On Your Online Presence 

Today’s target audience believes – “If it is not on the internet, it does not exist.” As a logistics service provider, you can make the most of this belief by bolstering your presence online. Start by working on your image on social media platforms, and make your company website user-friendly and easy to follow. Some of the best ways to boost your online presence are through the use of informative content. But first, you would need to analyse your buyers’ requirements to provide valuable information. This will help you clarify your targets’ doubts and confusion regarding your service.  Similarly, to make your social media accounts more visible, you can make the content available on your channels more interactive and engaging. Ask for customer feedback, start contests on social media, initiate discussions on current issues or offer rewards on referrals.  All these social media marketing tactics will engage a greater audience and allow you to encash the buzz around it by converting valuable leads to a potential sale. 

Strategy 5 – Introduce Real-Time Tracking Feature

Do you know what sets modern logistics services apart from traditional ones?  Yes. It is the ease of tracking goods and services. So, the first thing that you should do to make your services more marketable is to improve the process of tracking packages that are on the move. If you ask how the best way to do so is through real-time tracking. It will not only reassure your clients about the movement of their goods but will also keep the pickup and delivery service in a loop.  If your company does not have a designated app, you may consider launching one to allow users to track their packages easily. Besides these logistics marketing strategies, you can also use marketing tools like direct mails and promotional emails, to reach out to your target. If you are concerned about the ensuing costs, you can easily turn to finance options like invoice discounting, and leverage your unpaid invoices to acquire funding and meet your marketing strategies efficiently.  However, before developing any marketing strategy, as an entrepreneur, you should identify your firm’s marketing goals. This will prove useful in aligning logistics strategies to pre-determine goals and achieve them accordingly. 


Businesses that have a set of logistics marketing strategies are better positioned to survive a competitive market. Usually, strategies like defining and improving service quality, increasing online presence, and allocating substantial funds work in favour of logistics companies.