The Mantra Of Being A Great Leader

Whether it’s your team or your family, you will need a strong set of qualities to confidently interact with the people around you to become a great leader. In light of the same, we spoke to Rochan Dubey, Account Manager, KredX, about how leadership is a life skill, and here's what she had to say. Have you ever given a thought about what defines leadership? Well, it is the ability of an individual or a group of individuals to influence and guide their fellow members in making sound decisions. It might sometimes be difficult, but creating and articulating a clear vision and setting goals & objectives is what a leader does.

What Sets A Leader Apart From The Pack?

The definitions of leadership are pretty diverse. Although they generally agree on the fact that great leaders create a vision and then inspire others to follow the same. The trait of a great leader stems from the  ability to set direction and encourage others to succeed in reaching the result. Moreover, they are capable of getting people excited and enthusiastic about their goals. Great leaders not only focus on building on an individual member but the entire team.

Why Is It Important To Inherit Leadership Qualities?

Firstly, if you are a leader, the first and foremost thing that you must take care of is your team's unity. There might be several individuals in your team, but they should all work as one entity. A leader must communicate and inculcate a clear vision for the entire team to achieve. They need to be creative, innovative, agile, and capable of bringing a positive work culture. Ultimately, effective leadership will lead to a mindset in people to step up and bring continuous improvement in their delivery. But can leadership only be restricted to office space? Possessing leadership qualities are equally important in many other aspects of your life. It's a set of skills that you can apply to your relationships and your career for self-improvement.

Characteristics Of A Good Leader

To be an effective leader, you must possess characteristics that will help you and your team fetch good results. It is crucial to:
  • Communicate clearly with others to understand your vision
  • Be self-motivated and confident to represent your team
  • Be courageous to take responsibility and face consequences
  • Collaborate and get creative to achieve your goals successfully


A superior leadership quality includes the art of inspiring your fellows to perform their duties competently, enthusiastically, and willingly. Therefore, it makes leadership a process. A process that entails using non-coercive influence to direct and coordinate the actions of the members in an organised group towards attaining certain goals. They are the people who influence others' conduct without resorting to force and the ones who everyone looks up to.