Organic Traffic - Why It Is Important And How To Improve It?

It is a fact that whenever you publish a page or website, you wait to see how many people have visited your work. There's nothing more important than knowing that your work has been organically noticed. In light of the same, we spoke to Vishnu Reddy, Digital Marketing Lead, KredX, on the significance of organic traffic in a business. Here's an informative article co-authored by Vishnu Reddy & the KredX editorial team.

Brief About Organic Traffic:

Website is a gateway for every business. Having a healthy flow of website visitors can scale up your business in more than one way. A healthy flow of traffic comes from different channels like Organic, Paid, Direct etc., besides, running various campaigns. Every business has its website, built by investing a lump sum amount of money. Without a healthy flow of website visitors, businesses may have to face difficult times to scale up their visibility. They need to run various campaigns to generate traffic and leads too. 

What Is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is defined as the traffic that comes from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., when you click on organic search results, and not the paid ads. Similarly, when users search for something on search engines like google, bing etc.. with the help of a few key terms, both paid and organic results appear on the search engine: When users click on organic search results and land on a website, it is called organic traffic. Take a look at the analytics tool for the same: organic traffic

Importance Of Organic Traffic:

Organic Traffic carries utmost importance than any other traffic obtained via various channels. Since there are users with specific intent, coming to your website by searching key terms on search engines, it can get easier for you to target more potential customers.  Nevertheless, organic traffic can benefit your business in not just one but multiple ways, such as:  

Unpaid Traffic:

In most cases, the process where people click on ads and visit your website is followed by a small payment per click, based on the keywords used by the visitor, along with few other factors. Whereas, when it comes to organic traffic, you do not have to pay anything for the traffic you get. 

Cost-Effective In The Long Run: 

One of the essential benefits, when it comes to organic traffic is cost-effectiveness in the long run. The time invested by you in building the content from different sources will pay off, when your website will rank on top of the search engine. Once the keywords rank on top of the search engine, it will remain the same for a long time, finally bringing massive traffic from those search results.

Domain Authority:

The traffic acquired from this channel is generated purely by human visitors, whereas there are more chances to get bot-generated traffic from other channels. Therefore, traffic coming from organic channels carries a lot of potentials as well as intent. Additionally, with this kind of traffic, trust and domain authority increases too.

Better Conversion Rates:

Once the users having high intent land on your website via clicks on organic search results, they will look for relevant content. When they are provided with suitable content, they can ultimately turn into customers, from random visitors.


Usually, people click on organic search results and overlook the paid ads that appear on top of the organic results page. As per the reports, 75% of people miss out the paid ads and click on organic results. Thus, it brings credibility into the picture here. When potential customers find you on top of the search engine in organic search results, it automatically boosts their trust in your website.

Brand Building:

Most of your valuable and targeted audiences, keep searching for something they want, always. If you can provide answers for their queries with better content than your industry competitors, it will automatically build a premier brand face for your business.

Ways To Improve Organic Traffic:

There are a lot of ways to improve the organic traffic for your website. Some of the techniques are mentioned below:
  1. Create An Easy-to-Use Website: Make sure that your site is easy to navigate so that the visitors can access it without any hassle, and spend more time on it. This can also help to reduce the bounce rate, but still, keep your domain trust intact. Make it a point that, most of the search terms in your industry, appear on the search engines and get clicks, redirecting it to your site.
  2. Publish Relevant Content: Most of your customers search for something on google every day. If you write about what they want to read and publish them in an appealing way, it may encourage them to find the answers to their searches on your site.
  3. Quality Backlinks: Gather links from other sites, which can act as votes of trust, and also help to improve your ranking.
  4. Target Long-Tail Keywords: Along with one or two keywords, also target the long-tail keywords, which can help you to boost your content ranking. Additionally, it can raise the chances of serving your content to more appropriate and potential customers.
Bottom Line To generate traffic and leads from other channels like paid searches, you need to spend a lot of money frequently, whereas, in case of organic campaigns, you can generate ROI by putting up ideal content and resources only. With time, when you publish heaps of content relevant to your services or products, you will be able to generate more and more quality links to your content. Gradually, it can improve your ranking, when it comes to all kinds of keywords in your industry, and bring ample amounts of organic traffic to your website.