One True Leader Is Better Than A Thousand Bosses

Great achievement comes from a 'Great team' and a 'Great team is led by a  'Leader'. In light of the same, we spoke to Shuvajit Mukherjee, Manager, Business & Operations, KredX, about how the corporate world needs leaders over bosses, and here's what he had to say. Team Management essentially cannot be easily defined. Managing a team sounds simple, but it is much more complicated than it appears. The demand for this in today's corporate world continues to grow but needs to adhere to some ethics. Vision: A leader should have a vision that he/she must convey to the team in a simple way so that the team can get motivated. Creating a vision might be complicated, but all that matters is the concept, which needs to be audacious, dynamic, and ambitious. A leader has the quality of revamping the processes, analysing the problems, and amending the team's misreads. Comprehension: One of the fundamental qualities of any leader aspiring for success is understanding the co-workers' concern and solving their problems. A leader should have the ability to turn any average performer of the team into a star performer. A leader should always try to boost the team's knowledge by involving the team members in any additional learning activity and giving them such enjoyable yet productive training. Consciousness: A great leader sets the scale high for his/her team to reach the milestone and get the best output from whatever they do. A great leader consistently achieves a great outcome and showcases the quality of a good listener, thereby understanding the team's needs and arranging proper resources for them. Motivation: A leader should have an idea better than anyone else on motivating others in the team. A good leader boosts his/her co-worker's efficiency and capability to achieve the company's goals - one of the most crucial qualities of a leader. Consulting co-workers to understand their views on specific things, listening to them patiently, and respecting their opinions can be a starter pack for a good leader. Team members must have and feel the support of their leader to get motivated in the workplace. Morale Boosting: A true leadership mainly defines remarkable people management. Leaders often face difficulties in working as a team. But if you have a positive attitude and trust your co-workers, you will surely get positive results. For example, if you are working as a team, you must be willing to take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. And on the other hand, appreciate your team completing every successful job, making yourself a good leader. Inventiveness: The meaning of leadership is including the quality of inventiveness, the power of creativity. A leader encourages his/her team to build their imagination and keep their originality intact. As a result, he/she should be more confident in solving combats inside the team and expediting communication among the team members. 


A great leader never has any inclination or animosity towards a team member. Prejudiced by someone can ruin your dream to become a great leader. Always try to be unbiased to the team because biasness can, unfortunately, affect your entire team. It can end up affecting the team’s perception, attitude, and behaviour in everything, including you.