How Design Plays A Crucial Role In Business

Design as an element has always been underrated, as a matter of fact; lately, companies have realised the value of design in bringing unsurpassable business benefits. In light of the same, we spoke to Kokila Borana, Visual Designer, KredX, on the role of design in creating a brand impact. Here’s an informative article co-authored by Kokila Borana & the KredX editorial team. Successful companies now know the need for good design construction and its impact on business and marketing. According to a study, good content and design can attract more than 80% of the sales' success over confusing website design. Fascinating images and visuals are essential to keep the users engaged on the website, which subsequently increases the watch time up to 50%. Besides the fact that design is an important factor in demonstrating the success of any industry, a relevant action plan that goes parallelly with the marketing collaterals and strategies play a major role in a business. Here are six reasons why focussing on design is a crucial element for businesses.

1. Simplicity is The Key

It has become a necessity for products to embed a good design in every traditional business practice. In the current era, where users have multiple apps and websites at their fingertips, it is clear that the audiences or users will not invest time over a badly designed page. Therefore, design plays a critical role in any business.  A simple yet fun design can do wonders in delivering a message in the best possible way. As per a recent study, there was a 94% decrease in buyers with a website because of their poor graphic design or UI / UX design. This means a good design has the ability to capture the attention of the viewers for a website and also, give them clarity of their needs.

2. Design Can Add Value To Your Ideas

Every content that a business puts out in their social media channel and website represents the company in the public eye and leaves an impression on the consumer. As an interesting fact, 46% of the website users think that an attractive website is more reliable and therefore, can create a sense of trust between the customer and the company.

3.Design Must Be Relatable

Design is a part of everyone’s life; anything we see is linked to our actions and our responses. So any design that a company creates should be relatable to their buyer. Thumbnails, messages, and colours should have a balance and understanding of the person, along with the language of communication. The design should follow the nature of business and make it easy rather than making it an overwhelming process.

4. Great Design Can Build Conversions

Good design makes good money. The use of colours, typography, and tone creates customer engagement and turns it into an interesting piece. It is said that good design is something that can connect with the customers on an emotional level. Design and a good idea go hand-in-hand and work on increasing the revenue by a marginal percent.  A detailed, eye-catching product can increase the conversion rate by manifolds.

5. Storytelling As A Part Of Every Design

Whether you describe a work process or explain a business idea, the design needs to be wrapped around a story with the most comprehensive content. Make it a point to streamline the content as well, followed by the most important addition, the consumer feedback. Any formulation without storytelling is a lost link in the consumer’s mind and can easily distract them from the purpose. Companies must work to build a great design and improve the quality of their advertising campaigns, to achieve higher goals and objectives.

6. Design, The Face Of Your Business

Connections are important in the sea of ​​competition. Thus, one should strive to have a compelling, and professional design for a product that can not only boost confidence but also build a connection between your customers.

Bottom Line

Catchy visuals and great designs can help build a brand identity and build connections with customers. Similarly, an extraordinary portrayal of an idea can draw more customer attention and subsequently, reach various other platforms on social media and more.