Company News Q4 FY 2019-20: The Latest From KredX

FY 2019-2020 has been an eventful year for the KredX family - with lots of success stories and challenges to deal with. At KredX, we believe that to achieve something; one must go beyond the comfort zone, and try to infuse the same into everything we do. Here's a quick look at the milestones we have accomplished:

Our Growth Story

KredX Now Has A Brand New Address: 2020 has been an eventful ride so far, as the KredX team moved to a new location in Bangalore! With bigger office space and greater goals, KredX is all set to achieve new heights. Launched the beta version of the KredX Invest App: To ensure a hassle-free and seamless customer experience, we have rolled out the beta version of The KredX Invest App. The updated version of the app comes loaded with some great features and improvements to take customer experience a notch higher. Added Innovative Solutions To Our Product Suite: At KredX, providing innovative solutions that aids in business growth and wealth generation has always been our value proposition. Hence, in an effort to enhance our offerings and serve customers better, we've launched two innovative solutions:
  • KredX Plus: A solution that enables businesses to encash future rental receipts, long-term agreements, security deposits, and subscription-based services, thereby accelerating business growth. 
  • KredX Lease Rental Discounting: A solution that allows businesses to convert capital cost to operational cost by leasing an asset, equipment, or machinery, thereby unlocking additional working capital
Hosted The First KredXLeague: KredX hosted its first-ever sports event - The KredXLeague 2020 - a power-packed, adrenaline-pumping sports event where our employees hustled to ace the race. Launched The DSA Portal: Business partners have been an integral part of KredX's growth journey. To ensure seamless onboarding experience, KredX has launched the Business Partner Portal wherein they can onboard customers quickly while ensuring optimum business operations. Emerging Startups 2020: KredX has been recognised by Tracxn as an Emerging Startup under the Top Alternative Lending Tech Startups category. Award Of Excellence - IIT Kanpur: KredX CEO Manish Kumar has received the Award Of Excellence for showcasing exceptional entrepreneurship.   BW Businessworld 40 Under 40: KredX COO Anurag Jain was featured in the elite BW Businessworld 40 Under 40 club of India's Most Definitive List Of Young Achievers.