Announcement: KredX Is Now ISO 27001:2013 Certified

Digital security is paramount in the business world because of the growing dependence on technology that the world has gone through. Information management becomes a task that has much importance for sustainable customer retention in today’s age. In today’s day and age where businesses often struggle to meet industry standards, certifications that vouch for standard procedural practices and credibility are important. ISO 27001:2013 is one such international certification that vouches for a company’s pre-existing infrastructure’s capability to secure data and information that their clients or stakeholders might have entrusted upon them. This certification is perceived as a sign of high standards of customer service and security reputation from an organisation.

In keeping the best interests of our customers in mind and the standards we always strive to set, we are thrilled to announce that KredX is now ISO 27001:2013 certified! As a private entity that deals with secure information from our clients, the ISO certification is a valuable addition to the immaculate reputation KredX already enjoys in the public sphere and acts as a validation of the high standards we have always been following. The ISO certification also proves that KredX as a private entity is more than capable of meeting the changing demands of today’s world in regard to information security.

What does this mean for you as a KredX investor?

  • KredX safeguards your data with utmost privacy and confidentiality

The certification is indicative of the importance and priority with which KredX treats client confidentiality. The ISO certification gives credence that KredX has set up organisational structures and internal security measures that are on par with the highest global standards. Investors, as well as, stakeholders can always expect flawless service ethics from the KredX team regarding the information that the organisation might request from you.

  • Stringent customer information policy as a process

KredX has always had a stringent customer information policy in place. Given numerous instances of recent misuse of confidential data, it is only natural that investors hesitate before giving out personal details to corporate entities. We at KredX, understand and values the trust our customers have placed in us and have always considered any customer information to be critical. This is why the organisation structures the information that is sourced from clients into self contained packets that never get out of the closed loop of company communication. The certification serves as a validation of the standards that have always been in place.

  • 24/7 monitoring of our systems for any possible security breaches

Digital security is a slippery slope for most organisations whose core business is centered over the internet. Loss of data through malicious intent can have very dire consequences that are often fatal for businesses. From the very onset of KredX, security had been a top priority because we as a company are aware of the evolving business landscape. The onus for internet based operation was something KredX had already foreseen and hired the best talent available to efficiently deal with threats and tirelessly monitor informational integrity on a 24/7 basis. KredX has always followed the highest standards in security procedures and this certification only further cements that.

  1. Robust credible operation process redefining industry standards

KredX offers a dynamic service package that was hybridised from conventional discounting practices that were prevalent among manufacturers and suppliers. We have successfully set up a robust operational and risk mitigation process and work to continually improve it for the benefit of our customers. After two years of immaculate work ethics and thousands of satisfied clients, the ISO certification acts as the perfect preface to the company’s identity for operational excellence.

From all of us at KredX, we would like to thank all our customers for the support and trust that has helped us get to where we are today! We assure you that we are committed to improving your experience with us and will continually work to set higher standards.