5 Free Online Programs On Investment To Learn More About Money

The past couple of months have been a rollercoaster ride as the pandemic outbreak hit the global economy, sending the market to a downward spiral. The stock markets have witnessed massive plunge as investors sentiment were hurt due to the stoppage of economic activities and worldwide lockdown. But, if history has taught us something is that markets do revive. Even during the Great Depression during 2007-09, the stock markets did hit an all-time low but gradually picked up. This implies that the more you learn about investments, it gets easier to navigate market downturns. And if your 2020 economic goal is to become a pro in finance, then you may find the following 5 free online programs on investment to learn more about money.

1. Financial Markets by Yale University - Coursera

Financial Markets is an outstanding course taught by Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller who is a Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University. The comprehensive curriculum is segregated into seven modules, with each concentrating on a crucial aspect of finance. This program provides information on the latest innovations in finance and introduces new concepts like Behavioural Finance, Behavioural Economics, and more.

2. Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets Specialisation by ISB - Coursera

This course includes five modules providing insights into trading strategies. Offered by the Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad, the Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets specialisation is not a free course; however, it lets you audit each of the five courses. You need to pay if you wish to earn the certification. The curriculum is conceptualised to give you hands-on knowledge about trading and comprises 5 modules - Trading Basics, Trading Algorithms, Advanced Trading Algorithms, Creating a Portfolio, and Design your trading strategy.

3. Introduction to Financial Modelling: Udemy

One of the highest-rated free online courses on Udemy, Introduction to Financial Modelling provides deep insight into finance. The course empowers investors to create a comprehensive financial statement model using past income statements and balance sheet data. Designed especially for beginners, the course bestows the basics of accounting.

4. Behavioural Finance - Coursera

Offered by Duke University, the Behavioural Finance course focuses on exploring the grounds of financial decision-making. Enrollees will get insight into financial decision-making mistakes and prejudices that induce them. The program revolves around how to make better financial decisions and improve expenditures, savings, and investing decisions for the future and is free to audit. However, if you need to get the completion certificate, then you will need to pay.

5. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: Udemy

One of the top-rated free online courses about cryptocurrency, the course introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain will provide you with knowledge about Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and blockchain and delve deep into financial and economic implications of cryptocurrencies. The program will teach the theoretical framework of bitcoin and blockchain technology from a technical and an economic viewpoint and train on how to transact bitcoins. This course is o.

The Bottomline

Whether you are a pro at investing or a beginner, the above-listed courses will help in better decision making and lead to wealth generation. These free online courses will help enhance your knowledge and skills of finance and investing and help you make the most of this time while you stay indoors.