How to save money this Diwali

When we think about Diwali, we think about lights, fireworks, children playing with fire-crackers, new clothes, sweets (lots of it!) and of course the superb discounts that we see in our favorite stores.

Though the offers become more tempting during festivals, this can turn bit heavy on our pockets. To avoid this, here are few tips that will to help you save big this Diwali:

Make a list

Stepping out for shopping? Make a list of things that you want to purchase for friends and family. It’s important to avoid the lavish things in this process. Now whenever you leave out of home, carry this list with you and just stick to this list. Buy only those things mentioned in your list, it’s hard for the first time but soon you will develop a habit out of this. This would help you avoid over-spending and buying things that you don’t actually need.

Watch out for Online Steals

Online E-commerce platform release many relevant and attractive offer during festive season. If you have lot of things to purchase during the holidays it’s great to keep a watch on these, this will avert the hassle of searching the products of your choice and also in bulk buying. Save money this  Diwali with the best virtual deals.

Pay in Cash

Usually we carry our debit/credit card when going for Diwali shopping and rarely lookup the amount before swiping. Contrary to this scenario, it’s better to go to an ATM and withdraw cash. Shopping with cash helps in keeping up with our budget and you know precisely that how much you had and how much you spent. Helping you to spend money more carefully.

To avoid the hassle of carrying too much cash, you can still carry the debit/credit card but its only good if you use them judicially.

DIY Gifts


Do It Yourself Gifts

Diwali also means sharing gifts with friends and relatives. Do you ever wonder the amount of money we spend on the gift wrap or on creative box covers? This Diwali season let’s get creative and build your own customized gift wraps and Box Covers. There are lot of online tutorials for for them. You can also make small stuff for decorations and lighting as well.

If you are a great cook, figure out some time between the shopping and work to cook sweets at home this time. This will not only save you money but also give you many compliments from friends and family. What could be better than home made sweets in the handmade Box cover. Such gifts last longer than the usual as they show how much you care. So go ahead and unleash the artist inside you!

Invest Some Money

Apart from all the shopping you want to do this Diwali and all the gold you bought this Dhanteras. Diwali also serves as the best time to make an investment, as many people receive their Diwali Bonuses. Though this money might tempt you to go crazy on shopping, you can be wise and invest it across the multitude of investments.

Festivals are a time of celebration, spending time with friends and family. So just share these holiday happiness with your closed ones and figure out ways of doing things together whether its shopping, making sweets or even wrapping gifts. Happy Diwali!