Apps to make Accounting Easier for Small Businesses

Accounting maybe a specialised job but the number of applications out there leveraging technology to master accounting are many. Here is a closer look at them:

A comprehensive accounting structure can go a long way in helping small businesses emerge on top of their potential financial woes. Setting this up, traditionally require a sound financial professional who has the intelligence to manoeuvre modern accounting practices. However, today there are multiple applications out there in the internet that would simplify accounting to a truly approachable degree. Here is a look at a few of them that can elevate your business going forward:

Pocket Account App

This app offers a data backup feature for all your finances and generates usable expense reports that provides credible economic information regarding your business. The app is engineered to work best in regard to capital expenses that a firm might experience during the course of its business exploits. Another important feature is that it works offline and records the data on payables and receivables.

Smart Accounting App

One of the sophisticated apps out there in the market, Smart Accounting App will help you keep track of your cash flow and create customised reports for Chartered Accountants. The application can be used free of charge for a years time. Add this to the options that help in customising invoices and sending messages out to your own customers, Smart Accounting App is a wonderful package that can help small businesses.


Freshbooks is one of the best accounting applications available in the market. It is known to have a wonderful UI that is very user friendly and offers a plethora of features that can be very useful for a small business accounting practices. Freshbooks offers credit card payment services for your invoices and time tracking and expense management. This app is very well rounded and provides an actionable platform that small businesses can realistically leverage for their daily needs.


Xero is an impeccable accounting solution for small businesses. It offers bank reconciliation and financial reporting as added features with your standard accounting applications. Making Xero a bargain is its very own add on marketplace that offers more than 600 time saving apps that can repurpose how business is done. By all counts Xero is a truly innovative application that can take your business places.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books makes this list because of its competent application ecosystem that makes that makes it possible to integrate with other accounting related apps from the company itself. This sets it apart from the competitors. Having important features like tax reporting and automatic workflows also positively improves the app’s reputation.

Utilising technology to keep your books in order is a very good idea. The number of competent applications in the market that will help you do this effectively are many. Finding the right fit will depend on understanding what your actual needs are and where you company expects to be financially.