MSME Finance Services

KredX is India’s leading integrated cash flow solutions provider, enabling MSMSEs to gain access to collateral-free working capital, thereby leading to business growth and expansion. We help with financing and invoice discounting services to various micro, small and medium enterprises(MSMEs) so that they can meet their working capital requirements.

For any high-growth business, it is likely to get its cash trapped in outstanding invoices. In such instances, KredX can arrange for cash via invoice discounting at attractive rates. With our financing solutions, you can ensure your business continues to grow and flourish. Don’t let money be locked with uncleared invoices. Opt for bill discounting service that allows you to gain access to cash flow without impacting your balance sheet.

We also have proven competency in arranging for MSME finance for businesses or enterprises for support related to finance, infrastructure, and different areas. Our goal is to help your business meet numerous business-related expenses on credit. Our MSME finance eligibility ensures wide coverage for enterprises.

Types Of MSME/SME Loans:

There are various types of MSME loans, Some of them are:

 Working Capital Loans:

There's a wide range of fund and non-fund based working capital loans. As an MSME, you can choose various options as below. 

  • Bill discounting
  • Overdraft facility on the current account
  • Cash credit loan
  • Loans offered under the CGTMSE scheme (MSME loan scheme)
  • Short-term unsecured business loan
  • Letter of credit 
  • Bank guarantee

Term loans:  

MSME's having financial needs for capital expenditure, capacity expansion, and buying fixed assets, etc. should choose fund-based term loans. Below are primarily offered term loans. 

  • Secured term loan
  • Loans to finance the purchase of construction equipment or commercial vehicle

Benefits of MSME/SME Loan:

Many micro, small, and medium enterprises need timely financial assistance while scaling up and growing. In such instances, MSME loan is the best option for businesses to address their financial needs. At KredX, we arrange for loans without the hassle of pledging any  collateral, and enables quick processing, and many other benefits as below. 

1 – Quick accessibility:

We know how challenging it is to run a business amidst the increasing competition. Due to the seasonal demands and other factors, every single penny matters.

In that case, you can fulfil your financial needs by obtaining an MSME loan. At KredX, we assist you in getting seamless cash flow against invoices within 24 to 72 hours.

2 – Total control:

Be it a small or medium business; it requires significant capital to scale and grow continuously. Yes, angel investors and venture capitalists are there to give you the money fuel you need. But, in return, such investors want some control of your company. 

At KredX, you can check with us on MSME loan scheme. Such cash avenues do not need any security other than the uncleared invoices from your blue-chip clients. This flexibility allows you to take total control and freedom to run the business you deem fit. 

3 – Lower interest rates:

Today with the increasing competition, the more money you have, the better positioned you are to deal with risks coming your way. We help arrange for MSME loan options at the best interest rate, It means you have more money available to meet all your business needs. 

4 No collateral:

KredX's invoice discounting platform allows businesses to use their invoices at a discounted rate to secure cash. This way, you can ensure maximum productivity for your enterprise. 

MSME/SME Loan via Invoice Discounting:

As an MSME owner, you require regular and constant cash flow to run your business efficiently. You might be making significant sales. But its payments are likely to come after a few weeks/months. In the meantime, not having enough funds can obstruct your business growth. Even worse, you may not be able to run the business any further. In all such cases, invoice discounting from KredX can be your best MSME financing option. 

By using invoice discounting, you can obtain short-term funds from financial institutions based on your outstanding invoices. It not only helps businesses continue running but also acts as a catalyst in accelerating business growth. 

In other words, invoice discounting is a practice where the company's due accounts get considered as collateral to secure the loan. At KredX, we make the process easier than ever. Below are some simple steps that you need to follow. 

  • Sign-up and become a verified member at KredX
  • Upload your invoices. Get them listed through our streamlined online process
  • Sell your unpaid invoices on our platform. We have over 20,000 investors
  • Obtain your working capital right away, thanks to our instant listing and quick disbursal of funds.

Eligibility Criteria to Arrange MSME Loan via Invoice Discounting:

Below are key MSME loan eligibility criteria to get invoice discounting.

  • A business should have a turnover of 25 lakhs at least
  • Business must have a good credit bureau score, ideally above 650
  • A business should be a minimum of 10 months old
  • Business must cater to at least two large-scale corporates

Apart from these above, there are other important factors too, such as –

  • Active clients in your business 
  • Your business visibility matters too
  • Monthly turnover of your business
  • Outstanding invoices amount
  • The financial requirement of your business

Sign Up Now to Check your Eligibility for MSME Loan Via Invoice Discounting

    Documents Required:

    Here is a list of important documents required for invoice discounting. 

    • KYC of directors
    • CIBIL record of directors
    • Address proof and PAN card of the company
    • GST registration certificate
    • Filed GST returns
    • Books of audited financials
    • Sales data of past one year
    • Bank statement of the past 12 months

    Frequently Asked Questions on MSME Loan:

    A. With KredX, it's convenient and quick to get MSME loan via invoice discounting. You start by signing up at KredX and get verified by submitting the necessary information. Post verification, you can upload the outstanding invoices on our streamlined online portal. We have over 20,000 investors, and before you know it, your invoices will get purchased. You can get up to 90% of your outstanding invoice amount in 24-72 hours.