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How's life at KredX?

It’s quite exciting to work at KredX. The interesting and daunting part of KredX is that you get the freedom to do whatever you want. We try to ensure that everybody is growing in terms of personal as well as professional capacity. We chart out paths and roadmaps for everybody to figure out where they want to reach.

Can you give us an overview of how the tech team functions

The tech team at KredX has a straightforward mandate - to make sure that things scale and processes are followed so that our customers have the best experience and product. The tech team at KredX is the problem-solving team and we take pride in being able to solve any problem that comes our way.

Our approach has always been to see how we can use technology to build a scalable and robust solution, and that is the crux of the engineering team at KredX. We try to do things with a very long-term approach. Since we operate on a complex domain which requires handling large amounts of movement of money, we need to solve, implement, and design products that are scalable and robust. We need to be correct, secure, scalable, and at the same time, be adaptive to different customer needs. And that’s what we do at engineering at KredX.

How should a ‘Go-getter’ prepare for the interview?

While evaluating applicants, we care deeply about how they approach and solve problems, how they think about different aspects of the solution. While evaluating, we look at their experience, kind of projects they have worked on. So, if one is interested in KredX, he/she should think about how to build, design robust and scalable applications, which have long-term endurance. Also, we look for people who are willing to take ownership of problems. One needs to understand that we work in a sensitive industry. People rely on us to get money to pay salaries, procure raw materials, and fulfil orders - people’s livelihoods depend on this. So, we expect our employees to understand the gravity of the situation and challenges that we’re trying to solve. Because we are here to help our customers solve their problems, help businesses grow, and, of course, through their growth, support our growth.

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About Devang

Devang is a BITS - Pilani and Stanford University alumnus with over a decade of experience in the technology domain. He was previously an Analytics Engineer at Lattice Engines and a Senior Software Development Engineer at Oracle before joining KredX.

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