Capital Preservation

Safeguard your portfolio by investing in bonds

Steady Income

Earn steady returns with bonds to tackle market fluctuations

Digital Process

Completely digital process to ensure seamless investing

Diverse Range Of Bonds

Access diverse range of bonds as per your requirement

Above-Market Returns/Earn Higher Yield

Earn higher yield as compared to other traditional assets

Dedicated RMs

Dedicated Relationship Manager to manage your account

List of Bonds

What Is KredX’s Bond Service?

Bonds are high-security debt instruments that allow an organisation to raise funds to fulfil its capital requirement for a specified tenure. The KredX platform acts as a marketplace wherein investors can select the number of units and invest from a list of bonds available on the platform.

How It Works?

Sign Up

Log into the KredX website or app and click on “Bonds” tab

List Of Bonds

Investor can see the list of bonds and choose the number of units to purchase

Select Bonds

Post selecting the bond, click on the “Book Now” tab

Get A Call

Your KredX relationship manager will reach out

Download The KredX Invest App

Diversify your portfolio and tackle market fluctuations by investing in Bonds through the KredX Invest App.

Diverse range of
bond offerings

Track investment
portfolio and more

Earn higher yields
with Bonds

Invest at the click
of a button

Bonds FAQs

Bonds are high-security debt instruments that allow an entity to raise fund and fulfil its capital obligations—entities, including companies, governments, issue bonds. The corpus therefore raised is utilised for business operations and infrastructural development. Investors buying bonds at face value or principal are returned at the end of the tenure. Bond Issuers provides a portion of the principal amount as periodical interest at fixed or adjustable rates.
Individual investors investing in bonds have the legal and financial claims to an entity's debt fund. Hence borrowers are liable to pay the entire face value of bonds to these investors post the term expires. Consequently, bondholders receive debt recovery payments in case a company faces bankruptcy.