Want To Grow Your Small Business? Use A Mobile App!

Mobile apps are everywhere. From gaming to finance, shopping and medical diagnosis, apps have taken over the world! So why leave your business behind? Don’t you think it’s time you too moved with the times and created a mobile app for your business?

Why does your small business need a mobile app?

It is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. In today’s time and age, almost everybody has a smartphone and it’s safe to assume that all your customers will have one too. They can browse, engage and shop your products at any time, all day. So, why not make use of that to stay in touch with your customers 24*7. Have an important update? Just send a notification via your app. It’s that simple!

It offers a useful marketing medium. This is a great way to create a direct and often the first means of communication with your customers if you have a wonderful app in place that conveys the strength of the brand. It’s a great way to market your product too by running loyalty programs for customers based on their location or a rewards scheme for customers. By being available at a customer’s fingertips, you’ve just ensured that your business is the one they immediately turn to as soon as a need arises.

It can help expand your business. How? Mobile apps are global phenomena. Through your app, you not only make it easy for yourself to stay in touch with your customers, but you’re also creating awareness about your brand to people who otherwise didn’t know about your brand. So while your business spreads its reach to new territories it is also helping you grow your customer base in the process while making your business a global brand. Win-win!

So, now we’ve convinced you to build a great mobile app for your business. You’ve figured out somebody to build you just the app you have in mind. But what next? How do you make sure your app gets noticed amidst the scores of apps on the Google Play Store or App Store? Mentioned below are a few tips to make sure your app gets the visibility it deserves.

Tips to get your mobile app noticed

Be aware of your target audience. Take into account their age, gender industry, how comfortable they are with technology and their general interests before you set out to make your business app. It’s important to ascertain these to make sure your efforts aren’t futile.

SEO matters everywhere! Remember to optimize the description of your app wherever it is listed. This could make or break the visibility of your app you’ve spent time and money creating.

It’s also important to have a landing page dedicated of your front-end website to your app rather than using your website landing page. Create a new landing page wherein you provide QR codes or customers can click on download links that takes them to the app store listing directly.

The date of your app launch matters. No, we’re not talking about Friday, the 13th or the auspicious planetary alignment on a particular day. All we’re talking about is the need to have a specific launch date in place beforehand. Create a social media buzz around it and make it a big deal on the most frequented platforms your target audience are likely to use. This will ensure a large number of downloads in the first week of your app launch alone!

Be prepared to rework your app based on customer feedback. Listen to what your customers have to say about your app at various stages be it through ratings or emails. From rudimentary changes to refining the finer details of your app, be prepared to release multiple iterations of your app according to popular opinion. It’ll only help your business in the coming days!

A little time and effort now will pay off in the long run and help you grow your business manyfold! If you think we may have missed out on or would like to share some tried-and-tested tips, we would love to hear from you in the comments section below.