Understanding Your Aadhar Usage

Aadhaar has been on the limelight for all the wrong reasons in the recent past. From worries that range from the stealing of personal data to an overall examination of the integrity of the system itself, Aadhaar has led to stifling apprehensions for the public at large. This is why Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has instituted ways through which the consumer can understand the ways in which their Aadhaar is being used. Here is a look at the few of these methods.

The Steps

To check your Aadhaar usage history these steps need to be followed:

  • Access https://resident.uidai.gov.in/notification-aadhaar
  • Go to the Aadhaar Authentication History page
  • Furnish your Aadhaar number and security code
  • Generate OTP and choose the time period in which you would like to see your transaction details
  • Submit the OTP
  • This will lead to a window that would show you the details of the Aadhaar authentication requests raised against your account
  • In case you find something suspicious, it is possible to lock your Aadhaar details until you resolve the issue.

Aadhaar Linking

It is necessary that you are also aware that the Aadhaar linking dates are coming closer. Here are the possible ways to link your Aadhaar details to your identification documents.

  1. Pan Card

The deadline for PAN card and Aadhaar linking has been extended to March 31. It is a fairly simple process that involves logging into the income tax website and entering your PAN and Aadhaar details. This should result in a completed authentication process.

  1. Bank Account

This is another important step the government has deemed mandatory. In order to do this, you can either approach your home branch or utilise the internet banking services. Using the internet banking facility is relatively simple as you will see an “Update Aadhaar” option attached to your internet banking service as soon as you login. Add your Aadhaar details and generate the OTP to authenticate the process.

  1. Mutual Fund Folio

It could be equally useful to link your mutual fund folio with your Aadhaar. Financial services like Karvy Computershare and Cams offer this option over the internet. Similar to linking your bank details, all you would need to do is to enter your Aadhaar details and generate an OTP to authenticate the process.

Aadhaar has become an important part of the way individuals go about their lives. Keeping this in mind, it is important to be a part of the system while making sure the system is not being misused against you.