The Top Free Chrome Extensions For Small Businesses

A modern business needs to harness all the tools available in the market for achieving optimal growth. This can mean that specialised analytics models are being employed to understand sales patterns better. It could imply that complex job descriptions are being created that can directly benefit the expansion phase that the company is planning on adopting. Or it could just mean that the best Chrome extensions are being used to function more effectively. The true potency of channelling the full utilitarian power of extensions into your business will surprise you. Let us examine a few business-friendly extensions that can be very useful.

Free Chrome extensions to help improve your business’s efficiency

Black Menu

Black Menu is a concentrated information procurement service for small business. It focuses on the exact information that is sought and provides the same without the user having to leave the window he or she is currently using. Addresses, phone numbers and email addresses that you would need as a business, Black Menu would provide you all the information you are looking for in a condensed form with minimal trouble.


Asana is a hybrid task assignment tool that is integral to any company that operates out of cyberspace. This tool quickly helps you designate tasks for your employees that pertain to the web page you are on. The task list any employee takes up can be listed and updated so that everyone knows the progression details. Asana offers a transparent ecosystem that helps people be in touch with their own tasks while simultaneously letting others know what the progression is.

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot works under the assumption that instructions often work better when they are in a visual format. Instead of typing out detailed instructions on web pages that need work done on, you can simply draw those instructions as detailed diagrams. Awesome Screenshot allows for bullet points, arrows and highlights. With this extension, it won’t be much of a stretch to construct comprehensive instructions that are highly coherent as well as imaginative.

One Tab

A quarter of the internet population has multiple tabs open right now that they would rather not close. Tabs have become a mental state that people find hard to free themselves from because of complex psychosocial behavioural patterns. One Tab is simply the right answer to these problems. All your intricate reasons for keeping 30-40 tabs alive at one point in time can be absolved through this extension. One Tab modifies all of your tabs into a simplified list and saves you a lot of time you would have otherwise wasted sorting through tabs.


Docusign is an innovative way of digitizing contracts as well as important documents that need other people’s signature. This extension helps create e-signatures that offset the growing sense of fuss that businesses encounter with actual paper trails. Docusign presents itself as a safe and secure way that any digitised market entity would find extremely useful for the purpose of legally binding document creation.

Growing businesses can often use all the help that they can get. Now, using these extensions they can help themselves to become efficient workspaces that are critically averse of wasted time.