The Societal War Against COVID-19

Author: Ria Shrikant Sawant, Age 12

The deadly coronavirus has claimed the lives of millions of people around the globe; it is a life-threatening disease which causes a wide range of illness in humans like severe coughing, sneezing, fever, headache, and runny nose. What makes COVID-19 a serious issue is a fact that the victims of it are increasing day by day, and even a single infected person can affect the lives of thousands of people.  But the most dangerous reason is that a cure or a vaccine has not been found and the only way to protect ourselves is to avoid contact with an infected person. Cleanliness also plays a vital role in such times, so it is very important to maintain our hygiene and follow the rules laid down by the government.  By washing or sanitizing our hands, we are actually contributing to protecting us as well as everyone in such a crisis. This disease has spread to every country throughout the world and first started in China, which already has thousands of victims.  In India, where we had just 3 cases on February 15, and it has changed to 4779 cases on this date, this shows the drastic increase of the patients. The ongoing spread of the COVID-19 has led to the biggest threats in the global economy and financial markets. It has led to a drop in stock markets, oil prices, and a supply chain crisis.  As our only weapon to fight this disease is Social Distancing; therefore, countries have been put under strict lockdown to stop social gathering and contact with people. Schools, offices, shops, airports, etc. have been closed worldwide to control the situation and the number of cases.  More than 100 countries have introduced travel restrictions because of this virus. Due to which the travel industry has been quite damaged with canceling flights, business trips as well as holidays.  China's industrial production, sales, and investment all fell in only the first 2 months of the year. Italy is one of the hardest-hit countries in the world; it has more than 59,138 victims suffering from COVID-19. Italy suffers a great amount of loss after the closure of restaurants and hotels. The U.S. has more than 82,000 people positive for coronavirus. There are various factors that affected the U.S. economy such as travel agencies, cruises, sporting events, etc and a great downfall has been experienced by them. As it is said, ''He who can create chaos has the ability to create peace, the scientists are still researching for an antidote which can reverse the spells of coronavirus. Till the time, we have to be positive and pray for the well being of the world. Stay Home – Stay Safe.