KredX Launches Doorstep Delivery Of Digital Gold & Silver

Gold has been a preferred currency since ancient times and continues to be one of the favourite investments even today. Relatively unperturbed by market volatility, economic trepidation and inflation, gold as an investment avenue is often a mainstay in most investment portfolios to reduce risk. And owing to the rampant digitisation in recent years, there has been a steady shift towards digital gold as an investment avenue wherein individuals can purchase gold online through platforms like KredX. Launched in early March 2021, KredX’s digital gold/silver offers a safer, faster and easier way to invest in these precious metals online, where the platform acts as a marketplace for the purchase and sale of 99.9% pure gold and silver at live market rates sourced via our partner Augmont Goldtech Private Limited - an integrated precious metal management organisation. Being completely online, this helps in hedging financial market risks and rising inflation at the click of a button anytime, anywhere.

How Can I Invest In Digital Gold/ Silver On KredX?

  1. Log into your KredX account via web or mobile app and click on the "Gold/Silver" tab from the dashboard
  2. Enter the desired amount in rupees or grams of Gold/Silver to purchase/sell
  3. Click on "Buy Now" to purchase and make the payment from your KredX account
  4. The purchased gold/silver quantity/value will be updated in your Vault (digital locker of your gold/silver holdings)
Also read: What Is The Current Investing Trend In Gold? Following the overwhelming success of the digital gold/silver offering and valuable feedback from our patrons, we have launched insured-doorstep delivery of gold and silver on KredX across India. Investors can now purchase gold/silver via KredX, redeem it, and receive the precious metals at their doorsteps without any hassle.

How To Redeem And Book Your Gold/Silver Delivery On KredX?

  • Log in to the KredX Invest App and select the desired quantity of gold/silver that you want to redeem
  • Enter your PIN code for the delivery and pay the making and delivery charges to confirm the transaction
  • Your gold/silver product will be dispatched and delivered by the logistics partners at your mentioned address 
If you’d like to know more about our gold/silver offering, click here. Alternatively, in case of any queries regarding the KredX gold/silver offering and its delivery, please call us at our toll-free number 1800 419 4919 or drop us a line at and we’d be happy to help you.